When it comes to a Roof Replacement in Atlanta

Its a daunting task to replace a roof for several reasons:

  1. Cost of Roof Replacement - The expense alone makes many homeowners procrastinate, which is completely understandable! But then the roof leaks and time is up and there is pressure to make a decision. Its not ideal to choose a roofer based off of price alone, since roofing is an unregulated industry in Georgia. Many people are taken advantage of by roofers when they are under pressure to get their roof repaired in a hurry. Its best to start budgeting and planning to replace a roof when it starts to show signs of aging - allowing a couple of years to prepare for the roof's replacement.
  2. Choosing a Roofer - There are well over 1000 roofers in the Atlanta area, all of them valiantly trying to win your business. If you thought it was hard enough choosing a box of cereal at a supermarket; its all the more challenging selecting a roofing contractor, especially when the stakes are so high. Its a one time purchase (hopefully) with potentially 50 years of never needing another roof; or if its the wrong choice - potentially years of leaks and warranty calls.
  3. Quality Roof Installation - Today's roofing shingles are meant to last more than 30 to 50 years in many cases. The days of replacing a roof more than once or twice in our lifetime are behind us. Thanks to advancements in roofing technology, if the roof is installed correctly, a homeowner should have very little to worry about. However, it makes the quality of the installation all the more important. If a roof leaks, its likely the result of a roof installation problem. The roofer who rushes to get the job done quickly, skips critical details while installing the roof, or takes short cuts to save on money; will likely result in the roof leaking a few years down the line. 

Dr Roof Atlanta has worked for 34 years to improve the roof installation methods and has cultivated a culture hyper-focused on quality roof installation methodologies and customer care. Roofing is just like other forms of home construction, each house is unique and presents challenges. Every roof replacement job is like a fingerprint and requires a careful eye for detail. Things don't always go perfectly in construction, but the roofer who has proven that they fix their mistakes is the sign of a roofing company you can trust.

At Dr Roof Atlanta, the team works tirelessly to make sure the new roof installed meets or exceeds manufacturer and building code requirements in the Atlanta area. Not many roofers can stay in business for more than Thirty years if they are not doing things right! The roofer team at Dr Roof Atlanta takes great pride in the company's accoladed and associations which prove out the quality of Roofing workmanship and customer service beyond a doubt. 

  • โ€‹Consumer Choice Award Winner - This accolade demonstrates Dr Roof Atlanta's commitment to integrity and transparency. Online reviews can be manipulated and distorted, but a third party organization who annually surveys our clients and those of our competing roofers can be trusted to prove out that our work is indeed on a level above our competition. โ€‹
  • Member of the NRCA (National Roofing Contractors Association). This means we are constantly going through training and staying up to date on the best methods for roof repairs and installs.
  • โ€‹GAF Master Elite, Presidents Club, Factory-Certified Roofing Contractor - This important distinction allows Dr Roof Atlanta to offer extended roof warranties which are not available to all roofing companies. We keep warranty records on file for the full length of the roof and ensure the warranty is paid for and registered with the manufacturer. The value of using the highest level of certified roofing contractor is tremendous considering the rate at which roofers who are not certified tend to go out of business in the Atlanta area.

Replacing a roof is a challenge, but Dr Roof Atlanta works to make it easy. Our goal is peace of mind for you and your family, by doing great work with excellent service. You should never have to worry about your roof again and nothing makes us happier than a satisfied customer.