Siding replacement is a great way to restore your home's beauty and keep it protected against pests and moisture damage. But, did you also know that new siding can also improve your home's energy efficiency and reduce your bills?

There are several ways that siding plays a role in your property's heat absorption and heat loss.

Siding Acts as an Insulator

The siding panels that are installed on your home act as a physical layer of protection against the weather and outside temperatures too. Some siding materials even have noticeable R-Values, which is a measurement of a material's ability to resist heat transfer through it. For instance, insulated vinyl siding can have an R-value between 2 and 4, depending on the product. 

Atlanta siding contractors will also wrap your home with a new weather-resistant barrier before hanging siding panels, as the existing barrier may have broken down with time. This barrier further protects the home by blocking moisture and air transfer into the walls.

Your Home Exterior Colors Affect Heat Absorption

When you pick the colors for your home siding, it also has an impact on how much heat your property will absorb during the day. Darker colors, like brown, black, and dark green or blue will absorb and retain more heat from the sun compared to light colors. The absorbed heat may travel through the siding into the walls of your home, raising temperatures inside the property. This is why many homes in the Atlanta area are painted white or another light shade.

Similarly, if your home is brick-built or has a stone facade it will stay cooler during the first part of the day and retain some of the sun's heat into the evening. This is because the dense stone and brick absorb heat or cold over time and also releases it more slowly than other materials.

Different Siding Materials Also Protect Against Weather Extremes

Lastly, the siding material you pick may have unique characteristics that help protect your property from extreme weather or disaster. These features can keep homes and families safe from harm too. For instance, fiber cement siding provides excellent protection against heat and fire damage.

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