What to Do After Insurance Letter Requesting a Roof Replacement

Is your insurance canceling your policy due to an older roof? Did you get an insurance letter requesting a roof replacement? This letter can come seemingly out of nowhere, leaving you scrambling for a reliable roofer while wondering how you’re going to deal with this unforeseen expense.

What should you do if insurance is not renewing the policy or kicking you off the policy that you already have? First, you will want to know what makes your roof uninsurable, then contact a professional roofing contractor in Atlanta who can provide the solution that you need.

Is Your Atlanta Roof Uninsurable?

It’s no surprise that insurance companies want to make money, so they carefully assess whether you are a candidate for a roof claim in the near term. Insurance companies want to identify any high-risk roofs and get the homeowner to replace them before the insurance company has to. If the roof doesn’t meet these criteria, then you will have to pay higher premiums, or you might risk losing coverage altogether. Here are some of the reasons why your insurance carrier might be demanding a roof replacement:

  • Roof Age Over 10-20 Years
  • Poor Roofing Maintenance
  • Low-Quality Materials
  • Inadequate Roofing Systems
  • Multiple Roof Layers
  • Roofing Contractor with a Bad Reputation

Our Atlanta Roofing Company is Here to Help

If your insurance is dropping coverage due to an older roof, or because of any of the reasons listed above, then Dr. Roof is here to help.

We are a trusted roofing company in Atlanta that provides high-quality roofing materials by trusted manufacturers, professional roof installations, and A+ BBB-rated customer service. We can assess the condition of your roof and can help you with options. It may be a situation where your roof has enough damage for a roof insurance claim! We also offer competitive prices and financing options to make getting the new roof that you need easier on your budget. Our roofs are made to last, so your insurance company will have full confidence in restoring your coverage.

Contact Our Atlanta Roofers Today

When your insurance is demanding a roof replacement, call Dr. Roof as soon as possible. We will provide you with a professional roof assessment and project cost estimate, and you can learn more about our roofing options to find the best system for your needs. Give us a call today to get started or submit our online form now.