Its a bold statement to claim to be the one of the top Roofing Contractors in the Atlanta area. Many roofers in Georgia will market themselves as such. But Dr Roof Atlanta can back up the claim with solid proof. Even more impressive though is the Dr Roof story and what went into making it the #1 choice for discerning customers in need of Roofing services in Atlanta. The story begins in 1986, in Johannesburg, South Africa of all places.

David Friedlander was a qualified architect and home builder in Johannesburg, South Africa in the late 1970's and early 1980's. From initial design of the home to its complete construction, David was a stickler for details and strived for perfection in his profession. Customers loved his work and commitment and his business was growing quite successfully. However, he decided to move in 1986 from South Africa to the United States with his wife and two sons who were 3 and 1 years old at the time. But building homes in Atlanta turned out to be very different from the construction methods commonly used in South Africa. The concrete and brick construction methods in South Africa were a sharp contrast to the wood, siding, and drywall methodologies in Georgia. Even the roofs were different. In South Africa most roofs were clay tiles, but in Atlanta roofs consisted mostly of asphalt and fiberglass based shingles. Their installation methods were completely foreign to David. This, however, did not deter him from pushing forward to make a new life for him and his family in Roswell, GA. 

Becoming the Best Roofer in Atlanta

After trying various jobs, David settled on Roofing, seeing it was a place he could apply his strict eye for details and demands for perfection in order to stand out from the competition. In the late 1980's he founded Dr Roof Atlanta in the kitchen of his home in the Martin's Landing neighborhood in Roswell. GA. He saw customers were desperate for roof repairs and roof installations done right. Roofing in Georgia was rife with local Roofers who did not really know what they were doing and they would make temporary repairs with tar and other sealants which would not last and served as bad long term solutions for homeowners. David knew he needed more expertise and began building a team of people who could raise the level of technical expertise and make roof repairs in a way that fixed the root of the problem rather than just gluing over it. 

As the Roofing company grew, it moved to its first office in historic Roswell where it thrived. Dr. Roof became a household name as the local roofer of choice in the community, and David's integrity and honesty was a breath of fresh air to consumers who were so often abused by shady roofing contractors who would say they were doing one thing and would cut corners and do shoddy work. Dr. Roof invested in training its people and kept raising the bar for technical expertise and methodologies for doing roof repairs in a manner that Atlanta consumers deserved. The company began receiving accolades from organizations such as the Consumers Choice Award, the BBB, Women's Choice Award, national roofing shingle manufacturer GAF, CertainTeed, and many more. Dr Roof honored warranties as promised and kept extending the length of its roof repair and new roof installation labor warranties. Dr. Roof became the leading force in the Atlanta area roofing community forcing local competition to improve their level of service as well in order to keep up.

Dr. Roof Atlanta focused on quality over quantity, doing things right and at a pace that reflected that, rather than installing a roof in a rushed and shoddy manner. Dr. Roof was one of only 15 contractors be recognized by the national shingle manufacturer GAF as a top roofing company in the Atlanta market and the USA. The focus on quality and service is the core culture at Dr Roof. Every employee stives to ensure the customer experience meets or exceeds expectations during the roof repair or new roof install project.

To be a top roofer in Atlanta does not mean just saying it, it means actually putting into action the promises made to customers. And Dr Roof does that everyday.