If you are looking for ways to improve energy efficiency in your home, you'll find that there are lots of options. From roof repairs to new siding installation, you can button your home up tight against the elements with the right renovations.

Installing a New Roof to Keep Cool in the Summer

Homeowners are often surprised to find that their roofing can be partly responsible for their properties heating up too much in the summer. Most Atlanta roofs are large, relatively flat surfaces with a lot of square footage exposed to direct sunlight. During the summer the long, sunny days mean your roof gets very hot. That heat can transfer into your home through the walls and ceiling.

Thankfully, you can keep it cooler by installing a replacement roof with light gray, tan, or white asphalt shingles that won't absorb as much heat. Or you can opt for a system that uses Cool Roof technology, which is specially coated granules designed to reflect UV light away from the home. Over time, the roofing costs for these energy-efficient shingles balance out compared to your savings in HVAC and utility bills.

Airtight Window Replacement Stops Drafts

If your home has older windows, you probably feel a draft whenever the wind blows. In the summer and winter, this can mean having to run the HVAC system more often. The easy solution is getting a replacement window installation

Although new window costs in Atlanta may seem like a big drawback there are a lot of benefits to consider:

  • New windows have better seals and weatherstripping to stop drafts.
  • Current window technology is more energy efficient overall.
  • Energy-efficient windows feature double- or triple-pane glass.
  • Most windows have gas fill between the glass panes for added insulation.
  • Window frames are constructed with air-filled chambers to further block heat transfer.

Stay Cozy Inside with Replacement Siding

Another surprise for homeowners is just how much heat loss can occur through old siding. As your home's siding weathers, it can warp or develop dents in it, creating small cracks that allow air and moisture in. Siding replacement ensures that your home is airtight on all sides to keep damaging humidity and cold out.

Even if replacement siding costs are holding you back, consider getting siding repairs to fix any damaged spots. This will help protect and preserve your home in all seasons.

You can also invest in insulated siding replacement to increase the R-value of your home. Insulated siding features a foam core which provides a little extra protection against heat loss, so your home feels more cozy.

Learn More About Energy Efficient Home Remodeling in the Atlanta Metro Area

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