Hail storms slammed through the heart of Atlanta overnight on March 26/27. The damage to roofs is extensive in some areas. Hail varied in size from 1/2" to 3" in some areas. Even hail on the smaller size can cause damage to shingles which can shorten the life of the roof and cause it to fail prematurely. 

But shingle damage is not always visible from the ground and requires either a physical inspection or an inspection with a special drone which is equipped with the technology to scan the surface of the roof for damage. Hail damage does not cause roof leaks right away, but it can lead to slow leaks developing over months and years. It is best to have the repairs made right away and to have the roof inspected for the possibility of filing an insurance claim. 

It is equally important to have a roofer who knows how to properly represent a homeowner to their insurance company- to avoid filing claims which are not necessary, and to fight for you when the claim is justified but the insurance carrier denies it unjustly. An expert roofer knows how to appeal and have a claim which is justifiable approved - without having to play any tricks. Be sure to have your roof inspected in the next few weeks and months to ensure you don't let unnoticed roof damage turn into something worse as time goes by. 

The roof may be replaced by your insurance carrier for the cost of your deductible. Otherwise the cost of replacing the roof a few years later may be well over $10,000 for you, depending on the size and pitch of your roof. The cost of roofing materials has gone up significantly in recent years due to inflation and materials shortages. Now is the time to check if you have an opportunity to replace your roof with an insurance claim as a result of the hail and wind damage from the recent storms.  

Hail Damage on Roof