Roofs Damaged by High Winds in Acworth and Dallas, GA Areas

High winds hit the Acworth and Dallas areas on Friday March 3, 2023. The winds in some areas exceeded 45 mph and in some parts of town were over 60 mph. These types of winds are enough to cause damage to roofs by lifting shingles and bending roofing shingles, reducing their life expectancy and possibly leading to roof leaks. Additionally, tree branches and flying debris may puncture roofs and cause additional damage. If you were located with the zones on this map, it is worth having a free roof inspection to determine if your roof is in good shape to carry on protecting your home from roof leaks. 

If any damage is found, Dr Roof provides a free damage assessment, and also works with homeowners insurance companies to assist you throughout the claims process. Roof damage is important to locate, report and repair as soon as possible, before roof leaks cause interior damage to your home.

A roof may not look damaged from the ground as a result of high winds. The shingles however have been creased and bent and their seals to the layer below them may have been broken by the winds lifting the shingles up from the layer below. In this case the shingles are no longer doing their job to seal down and prevent water intrusion, especially during wind driven rains. A qualified roofer should go onto the roof to check the seals of the shingles to determine how severely the shingles were damaged from the high winds. 

At the end of the day, roof leaks occur not only because a roof is old, but especially because of either poor initial installation or an accumulation of weather and storm related damage that is not taken care of over the years. Any many insurance companies will cover repairs of a roof, or complete replacement of a roof due to storm damage. A local Atlanta area roofer who is experienced in checking for roof damage should be consulted. Dr Roof has handled thousands of roof insurance claims for customers in Atlanta, and is happy to assist those in the Acworth and Dallas, GA areas.