Choosing a contractor:

There are many roofers who won’t do what they are supposed to on your roof. Do you know why?

Because they know that…

  1. You don’t know anything about roofing.
  2. You won’t or cannot climb the roof to check if the work has been done.
  3. These roofers know there will not be any consequences for their negligence, or defective workmanship, because by the time it is discovered, they will have moved on or changed names.
  4. The roofing industry is unregulated – anyone can do it and homeowner’s have no protection from any licensing or governing authority to weed out unscrupulous contractors.

RESULT – You get ripped off by getting a defective roof with problems that show up later, costing you money for repairs to the roof and damage to your house.

What’s your best protection?

Choose your roofing contractor very carefully. How?

  1. Don’t be tempted by a low price which you will regret later. Why? A price is usually low for the following reasons:
    • Things are going to be left out, that you don’t know should be done.
    • Only the bare minimum will be done – even if you are told that everything will be done. Remember that they know you won’t climb the roof to check. It’s too dangerous for you!
    • Time-consuming details will not be taken care of. It’s not covered in the price.
    • The contractor has no investment in ongoing training and supervision of workers. This costs money and will require a higher price for the job.
    • The workers are low-paid contractors lacking in skills. (“7/11” roofers)
    • Your old flashing system, (90% of which is defective) will not be changed for a “leak-proof” step flashing system. It is too expensive.
  2. Use contractors who have been used by the same community for at least 7 years. They have stood the test of time. (90 % of the roofers go out of business within the 1st 5 years.)
  3. Check that they have a substantial reference list. That proves they have been successful in satisfying customers in the same town for at least 7 years. Minimum of 400 references. Not Uncle Joe & Aunt Lucy.
  4. Ask very specific questions about how they handle all the penetrations, re valleys, walls, chimneys, skylights on your roof. Compare answers to other contractors.
  5. Ask the contractor if he will install step flashing or counter flashing or is he just going to rework, seal and caulk your old flashing. If it is the latter it will absolutely be a costly mistake causing leaks later.
  6. Check the validity and correctness of their Workman’s Compensation and Contractor’s Liability Insurance.
  7. How do they get most of their work? If not from referrals or repeat customers then they are not proven and haven’t earned the trust of the community yet.
  8. Dr. Roof Atlanta will satisfy all the above requirements and pass all the tests.

The more knowledgeable you are about roofing and the industry, the better equipped you will be to make the right decision when choosing your contractor. Contact the Dr. Roof team with any questions and to get started with a free quote.