Price vs. Quality

So we need to ask ourselves, what is it we want in a major construction project. Is it a job done correctly, with attention paid to details for a leak and problem-free roof, or do we just want a roofing job done at the lowest possible price? I know, We want both, but these two desires cannot be met, for the reasons explained above, and for a few more listed below.

A job done at the lowest price is the lowest for a very good reason. It is missing all the ingredients and input necessary to provide a leak-free roof. These are costs to the contractor and add to the price of a job. In other words, it is missing well paid highly skilled labor, a quality control system, and an inspection service that makes sure the roofers are doing the right thing on our roofs, where the work is done up high, where we can’t go up and check. We don’t want to climb these steep roofs, and what do we know about roofs anyway? A low-priced roof is probably from a contractor who lacks the manpower to conduct supervision and inspection on jobs to check installers, who when left unsupervised, have the natural tendency to rush, take shortcuts, and not always perform as they are supposed to. Men, who are skilled, paid well, subject to inspection and quality control, as is the case with Dr. Roof Atlanta, will always do the right thing, take the time to do the job right, and pay attention to the details.

It’s an expense to have a quality control system that involves inspection during and after project completion. Most contractors don’t have this because it would force them to increase their prices to pay for it, and they are afraid to lose your job because their price would have to be higher.

A low price is so appealing. We all want it, so we go for it, expecting and hoping for a roof that the other higher-priced contractors would produce. But we are destined for disappointment. The roof will be cheaper, but it becomes just a question of time before problems emerge, and the joy of a low price is soon replaced with the bitterness of an improperly installed roof. Now we are stuck with trouble and expense for the next 30 years, and live with fear and dread every time it rains. It’s just not worth it. The roof is the most expensive component of our homes. It protects the entire structure of our house and everything under it. The roof is the worst place in our homes to try and save a buck or be satisfied with lower quality. We are stuck with what we buy for the next 30 years at least, so let’s do it right the first time.

At Dr. Roof Atlanta in Atlanta, that’s what we do. We don’t leave out any vital details, and only employ highly trained and skilled labor, who are monitored and inspected by third-party consultants to ensure that Dr. Roof Atlanta‘s very strict and rigorous standards are adhered to and maintained.

We do whatever we can to have competitive prices, but because Dr. Roof Atlanta has invested in all the additional labor, materials, and systems that are necessary to ensure that you don’t have problems now and in the future, we are unlikely to be the lowest price.Dr. Roof Atlanta has invested in the establishment of a top-quality leak-free roofing system. This is a cost, as are the most highly skilled roofers in Atlanta, and as are the monitoring and inspection service that ensures you get your roof to the highest of standards.

We concern ourselves with the correct and appropriate choice and application of materials for the conditions found at your home. We will not do anything at the expense of the integrity of the roof. We will not leave an incorrect condition in place just to be able to give you a lower price. Doing so will come back to haunt everyone later on. Corners may have been cut when your house was built, to save money and maximize profits for the builder. We will not cut corners. We will do whatever can be done to correct poor and defective work wherever it is found because it is in the best interest of our customers, and a trouble-free roof.

Dr. Roof Atlanta has opted for the quality approach to its roofing business, rather than aiming to be the lowest bidder on each roof estimate. We are convinced that with the quality approach to our work, we will remain successful because the quality is what customers really want. The low price alternative results in enormous amounts of comebacks, unhappy customers, high costs for repairs and go-backs, substantial reputation damage, diminished referrals, and ultimately the crippling of one’s business.

It really is a no-brainer. Quality workmanship is the win-win option over low prices for everyone. We are available for roof services in Roswell and Atlanta, GA, contact us today to get started!