Protect Yourself

The most important point on your checklist is that you be protected from liability should a roofer, or anyone else be injured on your job. Beware of some tricks that many roofing companies employ to fool you into thinking they have valid insurance that will protect you. Here are some tricks, which if used, will not give you any protection, and leave you liable for any injury or death of any workers.

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  • They will show you a copy of their insurance certificate, but it may not be in force.
  • The name on the policy will be different from the name of the contractor on your contract.
  • Your contractor will have a valid insurance policy, but the coverage may not include roofing.
  • This is because the so-called “roofing” contractor, in order to escape the high cost of “roofing” insurance, has declared himself to be a general contractor by inserting “roofing & construction”, “roofing and remodeling”, “roofing and renovation”, etc. General contractor insurance is much cheaper.

The problem is that the insurance company won’t cover you once they discover that a claim is made by a Contractor whose main business is roofing. To assure your protection a professional roofer will carry “Worker’s Compensation” AND “General Liability” insurance. A professional will be happy to give you the name of his or her insurance carrier and agent. You can then independently verify that a policy is in force and that it covers roofing specifically.

Call the carrier and ask them to send you a Certificate of Insurance. They will be glad to. It is part of their job. Do not accept a letter or certificate directly from the roofer as proof of insurance. That’s simply not the way things are done. Anyone who claims they are exempt from carrying insurance, or that your homeowner’s insurance will cover you, or that they are self-insured, may not be telling the truth. Don’t take a chance!

The consequences are too great. Do business with folks who care enough about your welfare to insure your job in a professional manner. Contact us today to establish help with your roofing insurance in Roswell and Atlanta, GA today.