There is nothing like a roof replacement project. It is one of the largest home improvement projects a homeowner can have done to their home. Literally thousands of nails come off the roof and several tons worth of shingles felt paper and flashings are removed and disposed of. So what can you expect when your new roof is installed on your home and how can you prepare?

  1. Usually the materials (Shingles, underlayment and roof accessories) are delivered a day or two before the scheduled job start date. It is necessary to remove your vehicles from your garage and driveway in advance of the delivery of the materials so you are not blocked in. Additionally, a dumpster for hauling away the old roof materials will be delivered and placed adjacent to the materials the day before the job start.
  2. The amount of nails and debris coming off the roof is phenomenal. It helps the roofers by having your lawn mowed and shrubbery trimmed in advance of the roof replacement project. This allows for magnets to more thoroughly reach debris as part of the clean up process.
  3. The noise from compressors and banging hammers is tremendous. If you have pets or young children sensitive to loud noise, it is recommended to make necessary arrangements for them.
  4. The job site is active and dangerous. Debris is often thrown from height to deliberate zones around the house, and this may include over entrance doorways or onto decks and patios. It is important to use only designated entrances to safely come in and out of your home during the work, and to ensure children do not play outside in the work zone. Clean up occurs daily, but only on the last day is a completely thorough cleanup conducted, so use caution when walking through the driveway and yard as nails are likely to be present during the job. 
  5. There is vibration in the home from the roofers installing the shingles. If you have valuable items attached to walls or in sensitive areas which may fall as a result of the vibration caused by the roofing work, remove them in advance and store them in a safe place.
  6. Small pieces of felt debris will fall into the attic. If you have items stored in your attic which you do not want to get dirty from dust and roofing debris we suggest covering them with plastic or removing them temporarily from the attic space. 

As you can see, the process is intense and requires a lot of heavy lifting by our roofers and cooperation with our homeowners. We do our best to make the roof replacement process as smooth and unobstructive as possible, and we appreciate the patience and cooperation of our customers. The end result is a beautiful new roof which will last a lifetime.​