This is an important question, as making sure your roof is not damaged in any way is critical to ensuring your home is protected. If the storm does cause damage, you may qualify for a roof replacement by your insurance company. Storms damage an asphalt shingle roof primarily in two ways.

First is from high winds, usually over 45 mph, depending on how old your roof is and how long the strong wind lasts. The strong wind gets under the shingle and damages the seal the shingle has made during installation. Once that seal is broken, rain can work its way in between the shingles and beneath your roof line and cause a roof leak. It is only a matter of time before water seeps into your house through your roof and creates damage.

The second type of storm damage to your roof is from hail. Usually the hail needs to be at least ¾ inch in diameter, but it depends on the age of your roof and how long the hail lasts. When hail hits the roof, the impact causes the shingle granules (little stones that protect the surface of shingles) to fall off the shingle. You may have seen the little granules in your gutters. Once the granules are removed from the shingle, this level of protection is gone and the roof shingle quickly deteriorates and roof leaks are introduced into your home.

The best way to protect your roof and your home after a storm is to have a qualified roofing contractor inspect your roof. If there is storm damage, you may qualify for having your roof replaced by your insurance company. A qualified roofer like Dr Roof Atlanta will help you through the insurance claim process.