When it comes to repairing a roof which has a leak, its important to consider a few key items when choosing a roofing company to make the repairs.

1. Price - In the roofing industry, a very low price may represent a low quality repair. Repairs which are of good quality use highly skilled roofers who have many years of experience and have seen the results of their work and learned techniques which can result in a longer lasting repair. A fair price represents the experience the roofer brings to your house, and also indicates they have insurance and honor their warranties.

2. Warranty - Most roof repairs should come with a 1 to 2 year warranty. If a roofer has not been in business for at least 2 years, then it may be worth thinking twice. Try to stick with a roofing contractor who has outlived the length of the warranties they offer. This ensures they will be there for you in the future should have an issue with the roofers workmanship.

3. Insurance - Verify the insurance of the roofer is valid by going to the Georgia Insurance commissioner website. Here is the link for ease of access. Unfortunately documents can be easily faked, so it is very important to verify the insurance of the roofer before they are allowed to climb the roof, otherwise your homeowners insurance may have to pay out any claims for injury or loss which occur while the roofer is working on your home.

4. Infrastructure - Its important to use a roofer who has an office and staff to keep track of the history of work they have completed on your home. The last thing you want is to pay a roofer to fix the same repair over and over just a few years apart. An organized and professional roofer will know what work is covered by warranty and what work is related to a new leak which was not previously repaired.