What could possibly be the problem with Roofers in the Atlanta, GA area? After all, its just another "specialty trade" - like HVAC, electrical and plumbing companies. But there is a massive difference. In the state of Georgia, there are no licensing requirements by the state and there is little to no enforcement of installation standards. This means anyone, and I mean anyone, can call themselves a roofer and go out and market themselves as a roofer, no questions asked. There are virtually no barriers to entry for Roofers in Atlanta. This means the burden falls on the homeowner - the consumer - to do their homework and hire a roofer who is going above and beyond to ensure the safety and well being of their home and the people who live in it. 

A roofing company in Atlanta should be checked by the customer for the following items before they are hired:

1. Workers' compensation insurance - every company by law must have it (unless they are a sole proprietor). Last we checked, no roofer can remove and install a new roof by themselves. We recommend minimum coverage of  $1,000,000.

2. Contractors License - Any roofer who is serious about meeting building code requirements will have a light General Contractors residential license in the state of Georgia. 

3. Safety program - Roofing is the most dangerous job in the USA, with deaths resulting from the work every month. It is imperative that the roofer have a solid safety program, including drug testing, and a commitment to abide by OSHA regulations.

4. Transparency - Roofers should provide picture of the work - before , during and after the roof repair or roof installation. A roofer who hesitates means they may have things to hide from you. 

5. Online reputation - A solid roofer should have at least several hundred online reviews on at least three different platforms, with at least a 4.5 star or higher rating. A roofer with a perfect 5.0 rating may mean they are fudging reviews, so look out for something that seams too good to be true.

Ensuring the above will enhance the quality of the product you receive and the safety of your home.