Vinyl Windows

Vinyl Is Popular Option

You likely already know that replacement windows come in many styles, shapes, and features—and not all are created equal. We offer a wide variety of Simonton windows, but there’s a reason some are more popular than others. One of the most popular options is vinyl windows.

Weather Resistant

Some people may view vinyl as flimsier than other materials. But this is not the case with the vinyl used in Simonton windows. The material compound used in the vinyl windows is produced with extra levels of UV inhibitors to help withstand harsh weather conditions. This also ensures you won’t have to replace your windows as frequently, as they’re more durable. You can expect your vinyl windows to last for decades and show few signs of wear even when exposed to harsh winds and trademark Georgia heat.

Energy Efficient

The insulating properties of vinyl can significantly reduce drafts and air seepage, keeping your home more comfortable and efficient year-round. You can see the savings on your utility bills, as the vinyl makes it easier to cool your home in the summer and heat it in the winter.

Environmentally Friendly

Vinyl not only is durable, it is also recyclable. Vinyl won’t pit or peel over time and with only simple care and cleaning, windows can keep their beautiful appearance for years to come.

Simple Installation

Some older window materials are difficult to replace or install, particularly if your home was built at a time when windows were not the same size. A knowledgeable contractor will know how to simply adapt the windows to compensate for any differences in measurement and ensure a perfect fit. Vinyl windows can streamline this process further, with their ease of installation and optimal fit.

Easy Care

Most of us don’t love the thought of constant touch-ups and necessary repainting that comes with having older windows. But with vinyl windows, you’ll avoid the extra maintenance. In fact, in most cases, vinyl windows require little more than occasional washing! Simply select the color you prefer at the time of installation, and enjoy long-lasting window color. The color runs throughout the material and is coated to resist fading.

From their excellent thermal performance to their endless styles, Simonton windows are a great choice. And vinyl windows aren’t your only option! If you’d like to learn more about the many protective features available with your window options, call us at 770-450-8829 today.