The most important part of any kind of building is the roof. All roofs are designed to protect the rest of the structure. The choice of roofing material is very crucial to the beauty, durability, and overall appearance of one’s property.

Roofing materials can vary depending on different people’s preferences. Often tiles, shingles or metal are the best choices for long life and good looks.

Here are the most common roofing materials today:.
1) Tiles

Tiles are also a popular choice as a material for the roof. They can be made of clay, concrete, or slate. Tiles are a good roofing option as they are fireproof and durable. Roof tiles are very traditional and well known for their ability to withstand bad weather such as wind, hail, fire, and rain. Tiles are good for hot areas since they do not disintegrate under UV rays. This type of roofing material has the longest life expectancy. They also come in a variety of colors and styles to suit any home.

2) Metal

Metal roofing is one of the most popular materials as it will work well with any type of roof. This type of roofing is very durable and fire-resistant. Metal roofing can be fitted on the roof in sheets, making it easier to fix them. Metal roofing materials are environmentally friendly and are often made from recycled materials. One of the best things about metal roofing is that it comes in a wide variety of colors hence it’s easy for one to color coordinate their home to their liking. It is one of the materials with the most diverse options in the industry right now.

3) Shingles

As of today, roofing shingles are available in wood, slate, ceramic, asbestos-cement, composite, and asphalt. This type of roofing material gives a home a traditional look. Shingles made from cedar wood are a very environmentally friendly choice. However, one must be very careful when choosing shingles for roofing purposes as low-quality materials can drastically reduce the life of a roof. It’s best for one to choose pressure-treated fire-resistant shingles.

4) Slate

Slate roofs are done with tiles made from slate which is an ancient sedimentary rock made from clay and volcanic material. Slate roofs are eco-friendly and can last for a very long time because slate is a very hard-wearing material. Besides slate is waterproof and requires low maintenance. Slate is very popular as it can be easily shaped into rectangles. Slate is capable of accommodating various roof designs such as Italianate, French, Colonial, and Beaux-Arts.

5) Single ply roofing

These roofing systems are made from multiple layers of barriers and insulations that are fastened together mechanically. This roofing material is lightweight and thin. It can be recycled hence it's environmentally friendly.

6) Felt

Felt roofs are made from strong, polyurethane materials. A felt roof is applied to a baseboard that is painted with a preservative coating to make it last longer. Felt roofs are recommended for flat roofs. Felt is inexpensive hence is it’s commonly used as a budget roofing solution on outbuildings.

Just like other building materials, it’s important for one to defend their choice of roofing materials with logic, practicality and guidance of experts like Dr.Roof.