Overnight severe storms with gusting wind, rain, and pockets of hail pounded the metro Atlanta area. Radar showed heavy downpours and there have been reports of fallen tree branches and isolated hail. The roof above your home is being tested to its max during the storms. Its not enough though after the storm to look for roof leaks. Assuming you don't have any roof leaks, that doesn't mean your roof escaped unscathed. If fact, after severe weather, its a good idea to check around for a few items.

1. Check your front and back yards for the odd shingle which may have blown off the roof during high winds. No immediate roof leak will occur from a missing shingle, but it needs to be fixed before the next storm.

2. Have a professional roofer check the shingles for hail damage. Only by either climbing on the roof or using a drone with special technology can hail damage be confirmed. Its critical to find it early, and to file an insurance claim before the window of time imposed by insurance carriers closed. Dr Roof offers a free roof inspection for storm damage and assists clients throughout the process. 

3. Inspect the ceilings of rooms you don't usually go into to make sure a roof leak has not recently appeared without notice. Catching roof leaks before they cause too much internal damage can save you a fortune on interior repairs to your home.

4. TLC, give your roof some tender love and care. Its up there 24/7 defending your home from the blazing sun, pouring rain, and freezing snow and ice. Make sure to have it checked out at least once a year. A little preventative medicine can go a long way to making a roof last 20-30 years instead of 10-20 years. Dr Roof Atlanta roof repair department is the most experienced in Atlanta and has a team dedicated to quality control. 

Stay indoors during the storm and ensure your pets are taken care of. Keep safe and give us a call to ensure your roof is ready to keep you, your home, and family safe and protected during the next Atlanta storm.