The roof is what protects the entire home beneath it from the rain, snow, and sun. Without a roof over our heads, our homes are completely exposed to the elements. So generally, when we look up at our homes from the driveway and we see the neatly laid rectangular shingles laying across the top of our homes, we assume we are protected. And yet, roof leaks show us just how vulnerable our homes are to the elements. We think a roof is just the shingles on top and therefore we should have guaranteed protection. But what we don't realize, is that a roof is made of dozens of components that interlock and connect, seal and bridge, to form a watertight covering to protect our house from the weather. When a component of the roof fails, either due to poor installation/repair or material failure, we have to hire a roofer to make the repairs.

A roof repair is complicated. A simple solution is to smear tar all over everything. Its the bandage approach, and it usually cannot withstand the elements for too long and the leak will return. A better approach is the remove the roof components and to rebuild them in the area of the source of the roof leak. This results in a properly constructed roof which can last longer and is less likely to leak for a longer period of time. A roofer should provide pictures of the work both before, during and after, to show the homeowner how the repair was made and to ensure the homeowner is receiving their money's worth. 

The same applies for a new roof. Especially for a new roof! When a new roof is being installed by a roofer in Atlanta, it is the perfect time to correct mistakes from the past and install a roof that will last its full intended lifespan. It is an opportunity to ensure the flashings are correct, the drip edge is in place, the leak barrier is applied in all leak prone areas, and the ventilation system of the roof is adequate. Every Atlanta roofer should provide photos of the work as it progresses so the homeowner can hold them accountable for doing the work right. Dr Roof Atlanta believes in this transparency and provides live photos of ongoing work. They do the work right the first time and have nothing to hide under the shingles. Roofing is a tough industry, rife with people who don't know what they are doing. Roofers who go above and beyond to hold themselves to a higher standard are the true roofing companies who can be trusted to do the job right and are worth the investment.