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Roof's Role in Home Sale

Your home’s exterior is the first thing a buyer sees, and your roof plays a major role in the curb appeal. But even if the home you want to sell needs some serious roof repairs, it might still be worth the investment. A few cracked shingles likely won’t make or break a sale — but if your entire roof shows wear and tear, it should be taken care of before listing.

Should I replace my roof before selling my house?

Depending on the extent of the roof maintenance needed, you may be able to sell your home without a full roof replacement. Of course, you’ll want to address routine repairs along the way, so your roof passes any inspections with flying colors and reduces the need to replace it before selling.

Most non-emergency roofing issues can be resolved with a professional repair by a reputable roofing company. Click here for how to know when you need to call in a roofing contractor. What options do I have for roof repair and replacement?

Shingle replacement

If you notice a few shingles have been damaged from wind or tree branches, it can be relatively inexpensive to replace individual shingles.

Partial re-roofing

If there are only certain sections of your home’s roof that need repair, you can do a partial re-roof. However, it’s crucial to note that a partial re-roof cannot be performed too often, as it can create an uneven slope. If your home already has multiple layers of roofing on it, you may have to replace the roof regardless.

New roof

Based on wear, age, and climate, you might be due for a full roof replacement. And even if you don’t see a direct financial return, a new roof can make you more likely to get the full asking price, lower time on the market, and smoother negotiations.

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