Emergency Roof Repair – We Got You Covered

Homeowners depend on roofs to protect their houses and everything inside them. A leaking roof is definitely a situation that any homeowner will face at one time or the other. Water damage following rain or snowstorms can affect even the most durable roofs. Such problems can be addressed by a roofing contractor, who will provide repairs as well as maintenance tips for preventing leakages. However, not many homeowners know what to do when a roof starts to leak at an inconvenient time. An emergency roof repair can help reduce water damage until a roofing contractor handles the repairs permanently.

It is better to first look at what should qualify as an emergency roofing repair. As soon as the roof of a house is compromised, water infiltration will occur. A quick roof repair must be done or a protective cover installed to prevent further structural and interior damage. Often, a roofing contractor will emergency tarp the damaged area or hole in the area until the weather systems causing the damage passes. He or she will then assess the damage and propose a permanent roof repair.

Another thing that homeowners need to know is the type of situations that necessitate an emergency roof repair. Most of the time, roofs are compromised due to weather conditions, animal attacks, or outbreaks of fire. Mother Nature is a rather common cause of damage to roofing systems. Winds moving at more than 50 miles per hour have enough force to tear away shingles from the roof, exposing the substrate. Branches can be torn from trees and land on the roof, penetrating the structure. Some lightning strikes are known to blow holes through the roof. Also, animals such as squirrels and raccoons love chewing through rotten wood, in the process creating huge holes on the roof. Fire can annihilate anything on its path.

In case of an emergency roof situation, it is advisable for the homeowner not to panic. One should immediately contact a professional roofing contractor to check the roof. It is not a good idea for a homeowner to try and repair the roof by themselves. There is a very high risk of injury, while the homeowner may not assess the actual damage properly. However, he or she can create a temporary barrier to prevent leakage until the roof specialist arrives. Wood planks, plastic sheeting, and a staple gun can be used for this.

To create a temporary barrier, a homeowner should carefully climb onto the roof using a ladder. It is advisable to wait until the snow or rain has stopped, as wet roofs can be slippery. The next step is to identify the damaged area. One will probably be able to figure out the damaged section through broken, missing or discolored shingles. A piece of wood is wrapped using plastic sheeting and then placed on the damaged area.

In case of a roof leak, it is not a situation whereby the homeowner can schedule to call a roofing technician at a later date. It has to be fixed immediately. The above emergency roof repair tips can help a homeowner solve the problem satisfactorily.