• New Roofs, Not Reused Roofs

    Replacing essential roofing componenets

New Roofs, Not Reused Roofs

Every 20-35 years a home needs to have a new roof installed. This is usually based on the lifespan of the shingles which were installed and how well they have endured the weather conditions. So in many respects, a new roof is a one or twice in a lifetime investment that a homeowner has to make if they want to stay in their home for a prolonged period of time.

It is one of the largest and most important home improvement investments homeowner is faced with. Going with a roofer who cuts corners will inevitably cause problems within a couple of years and quickly erase any money saved. Costly repairs will have to be made to correct the issues the budget roofer skipped or ignored, and interior repairs from unexpected leaks will add to the damage bill.

Dr. Roof works hard to do the job right the first time, by not cutting corners and by using only top grade materials. Dr. Roof does this because it honors its warranties, and cares about its customers. Dr. Roof's goal is to do the job so well, that you will never have to call again for a service issue until the roof needs to be replaced again in 25-50 years. Customers deserve to have a new roof that does not reuse old parts, like flashing, rotten wood, or drip edge. Why would anyone want old tires on a brand new car? At Dr. Roof we don't put 'old tires' on new cars. Every part of your New Roof deserves to be new, it is the only way to ensure it does not leak for the length of the warranty.

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Protecting Our Customers, Supporting Our Community

Apr 09, 2020

As we stand together to battle COVID-19, Dr. Roof is committed to providing the essential services of roof repair, roof replacement and construction service projects while doing our best to protect you, your home and our team. We have implemented several changes in an effort of keeping everyone safe. ...

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Mar 12, 2020

When severe weather strikes, homeowners can face an urgent situation if they're facing damage to their property. In most cases, the potential fallout from this weather is only beginning: While the storm itself can cause initial damage to the home, that damage creates an entry point for additional damage...

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