• New Roofs, Not Reused Roofs

    Replacing essential roofing componenets

New Roofs, Not Reused Roofs

Every 20-35 years a home needs to have a new roof installed. This is usually based on the lifespan of the shingles which were installed and how well they have endured the weather conditions. So in many respects, a new roof is a one or twice in a lifetime investment that a homeowner has to make if they want to stay in their home for a prolonged period of time.

It is one of the largest and most important home improvement investments homeowner is faced with. Going with a roofer who cuts corners will inevitably cause problems withing a couple of years and quickly erase any money saved. Costly repairs will have to be made to correct the issues the budget roofer skipped or ignored, and interior repairs from unexpected leaks will add to the damage bill.

Dr. Roof works hard to do the job right the first time, by not cutting corners and by using only top grade materials. Dr. Roof does this because it honors its warranties, and cares about its customers. Dr. Roof's goal is to the job so well, that you will never have to call again for a service issue until the roof needs to be replaced again in 25-50 years. Customers deserve to have a new roof that does not reuse old parts, like flashing, rotten wood, or drip edge. Why would anyone want old tires on a brand new car? At Dr. Roof we don't put 'old tires' on new cars. Every part of your New Roof deserves to be new, it is the only way to ensure it does not leak for the length of the warranty.

Why Your Kids Aren't Falling Asleep

Feb 05, 2020

A child who's having trouble falling asleep can be a tremendous source of concern for a parent. A lack of sleep can make a child listless throughout the day, and - if they're school-aged - have a negative impact on how they're performing in class. Furthermore, parents can feel frustrated and powerless because they...

Giving Tuesday

Dec 03, 2019

Giving Tuesday was started as a way to reflect and give back to our communities and is typically associated with monetary donations. This year we gave shelter pups a roof when we partnered with FurKids to assist with their new headquarters in Cumming, GA. There are so many ways to give your time and talents to the...

And The Winner Is...

Nov 21, 2019

Being a Dr. Roof loyal customer has its perks! Earlier this month our customers were invited to participate in a raffle to win 2 tickets to watch Your Georgia Bulldogs beat the Texas A&M Aggies this weekend. Mike from Lilburn is our lucky winner! There's still time to register to...

Georgia Bulldogs Home Services Team

Oct 16, 2019

We are so excited to announce that Dr. Roof has been named a member of the new Home Services Team of your Georgia Bulldogs. Honored would be an understatement!! We're all building something BIG - to give the ultimate Homefield Advantage to someone we all know and love. And you'll get to see it soon - right at the...

Dr. Roof Goes WILD!

Sep 06, 2019

At Dr. Roof, one of our corporate missions is to give back to the community. This year, we will join Furkids at their new location in Cumming for a work day on Saturday October 26th, 2019. Furkids is the largest "no-kill" animal shelter in Georgia and we've never mt folks with bigger hearts. In...

Radio Ad

Aug 30, 2019

At Dr. Roof, we love our Atlanta radio partners!

To Do List: #47 The Roof

Aug 16, 2019

Your alarm goes off at 6:15, you make sure the kids remember their lunch and get them on the school bus. After a busy summer making great memories, the house seems quiet. You almost have a moment to breathe when you start to notice that your home's to-do list has not received the attention it deserves. 1. ...

Dr Roof Wins North Fulton Life Award

Jan 14, 2019

At Dr Roof we are always working to improve our customer care and quality workmanship. We are honored when our hard work is recognized by the community. We appreciate your trust and look forward to serving the North Fulton Community.   

Old Tires on a New Car?

Aug 15, 2018

Every 20-35 years a home needs to have a new roof installed. This is usually based on the lifespan of the shingles which were installed and how well they have endured the weather conditions. So in many respects, a new roof is a once or twice-in-a-lifetime investment that a homeowner makes if they want to stay in...

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As a way of showing our appreciation to all active military, veterans and retirees, Dr. Roof and GAF would like to offer a special rebate.