Have you ever thrown a painting party? You invite some friends over, supply the paint, maybe give the less artistically inclined a quick tutorial, and go to town. Winter may actually be the best time to finally cover the questionable shade of purple in your living room. For starters, winter in the South is considerably less humid than the summer months, an ideal condition for drying paint. If you're getting professional help (which is obviously way less fun than a painting party), winter is usually the slowest time of the year, so you're more likely to pay less and get quicker results.

Here are a few practical tips for your DIY interior painting project:

  • Professionals usually following this order when painting walls: trim, ceiling, walls. You won't have to worry about getting paint on the walls in the first two steps, and just tape off the trim before you paint the walls.
  • Use cotton drop cloths rather than plastic. Cotton drop cloths stay in place better than plastic, paint drips dry on canvas but stay wet on plastic, and plastic is slippery to walk on and can be a hazard for someone climbing up on a ladder.
  • Use a sanding sponge rather than sand paper for hard to reach spots like trim.
  • Invest in a paint pen. Fill the pen with your wall color for touchups down the road. The paint will stay fresh inside the pen for about a year! Make sure you shake it to mix up the paint before using.
  • If you're using old painter's tape that's tearing or sticking, put the roll in the microwave for 10 seconds.

While you're in the painting and home improvement swing, if you decide the exterior of your home needs a little love, keep us in mind! We hope you consider burning off some energy and having some fun this winter with your own painting party!