Atlanta Roofing Contractors focus on one of the most important aspects of a home: providing a roof over their heads to protect from the elements. They specialize in maintaining the functionality of the roof, in order to avoid a leaky roof, as well as sidings and gutters.

With so many contractors across the country, Dr. Roof Atlanta Roofing Contractors set themselves apart by their emphasis on reputation and character. Every potential customer can see references for the quality and integrity of their work, upon request.

Dr. Roof Atlanta Roof Contractors provide free inspections, second opinions, installation of a new roof, tear off and replacements of roofing material, and emergency work.

1. Second Opinions and inspections: Second opinions and free inspections are necessary for the upkeep and maintenance of the home or repair. Second opinions can help save thousands—it lets you know what other contractors think about the same situation. Inspections can spot weak zones in the roof before it leaks, or branches on the roof that could ignite.

2. Installation: We can install a variety of types of roofing. The more popular ones include shingles, slate, metal, and metal; whereas single-ply and felt are also applicable options for roofing. The single-ply is an ecologically friendly material and can be completely recycled, unlike its peers. (Additional facts can be seen at We can help clients decide which one is most appropriate and within their budget range. For the rest of the house, we can install wood or vinyl sidings and the gutter network as well. Both of these systems improve the value of the home itself and protect from water damage.

3. Repairs: We recommend documenting damage after major storms. Many people try to low-ball the price and provide a poor quality. We affirm its values and reputation by providing a thorough report, with visual markings over weak and damaged portions of the roof. We present the information and don’t pressure. In fact, we advise getting the job done by a reputable contractor in the area, even if Dr. Roof is not chosen for the job. We are more concerned with the quality and integrity of the work. When making repairs, we cover the whole removal process, so no traces remain at the completion of the job or repair.

4. Customer Service. This is one area that sets Dr. Roof apart. Not only do we provide second opinions and free materials to help in damage situations, but we also arrive promptly in an emergency. When one such event occurs—a leaky roof—Dr. Roof will show up with tarps to help stop the leak until it can be fixed. We also provide everyone with steps following damage from hail and other weather situations.

Overall, Dr. Roof Atlanta Roofing Contractors sets ourselves apart from other contractors in the Atlanta region because of our quality product (repairs, installation), as well as customer service (quick response in emergencies, second opinions, and guides for help). Dr. Roof has set a high level of character and reputability that will drive clients to us.