There are some things we only do a few times in our lives—and it’s probably enough for most of us! One of those things that happens infrequently is interviewing and hiring a contractor. We understand it can cause huge frustration and headaches. Digging through listings, coming up with disconnected numbers, leaving messages that are never returned, blocking off times for an appointment and then experiencing a no-show, or late arrivals, and then sorting through all the conflicting information, and often times misinformation…and all of this frustration occurs before you even get a quote or begin the work.

By the time someone actually gets to your house and flashes a smile and how-do-you-do, most people are exhausted and ready to throw in the towel and just “go for it” because they finally have a live person in front of them that is willing to sell them the job.

Believe me, we hear the stories, and we’re sorry that it’s a real representation of what many of you experience with people who bill themselves as our competitors. In fact, we don’t keep “company” with any of those companies. Dr. Roof operates on a different level and philosophy entirely. So what exactly should you expect from a roofing company?

You should expect

1) A live representative to answer your call, or a return phone call within a few hours during normal business hours.
2) A company contact person who can not only answer your questions, but who seeks to educate you about your options and allows you to make your purchasing choices without trying to “hard sell” you.
3) Honesty and integrity. You will have to have your radar out to detect when you are being sold a bill of goods. Some sales folks will tell you what you want to hear in order to close a sale.
4) A rep who inspects the roof physically (not just by eyeballing it from the ground) and who can speak in great detail about what your viable repair or replacement options are and why.
5) A crew supervisor, not a salesman, who is committed to seeing the job through and inspects the installers’ work during and after the repair or replacement process. A salesman’s main interest is to spend his time selling his next job, not supervising your job.
6) A company whose reputation is long established and excellent, and one who
can demonstrate this excellence through industry awards and recognition for quality construction.
7) Thoroughly trained and skilled roofers who understand the principles of
hydrostatics, which is the flow of and movement of water under various conditions, and how to install materials to maximize the life of your roof.
8 )  A company that has been in the same place for many long years and that is extremely likely to be around as long as your roof’s projected life span.

If you think quality, responsiveness, and customer service should be more than just wishful thinking, you’ve found the right company. We’re Dr. Roof, and we’re here to change the way you think of roofing contractors. Let us prove our excellence to you!