Roof Leak Repair

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Prevent Water Damages From Growing

Dr. Roof Atlanta understands that having a roof leak can be stressful. Not only will it damage the exterior of your roofing materials but also the interior with potential in damaging property and belongings. A roof leak can grow into larger structural problems, so take the steps needed now to prevent chronic roofing problems made from neglected water damages. Speak to us today at 770-450-8829 for proper roof leak repair in Roswell and Atlanta, GA. We’re here to help you out.

Common Issues With Roof Leaks

Roof leaks can form from a number of issues from the lack of fixing wear and tear due to roof age to severe weather rolling around. A roof leak is a common roofing damage problem that arises. It’s important to stay in tune with certain areas surrounding your roof in order to avoid small problems from growing into larger ones. Chronic roof leaks will typically lead to wood deterioration, which leads to weakened and even rotten roof framing, which will cause serious structural problems down the line. Some things to keep an eye on are identifying missing shingles with your roof or seeing differently colored patches of materials. Another area that is susceptible to leaks is the roof valleys. These are where two planes of the roof come together so there is a path where rainwater will go down. If materials along the valleys aren’t sealed properly, then cracks can develop and excesses of rain or ice can cause it to erode over time.

With certain areas of your home, like skylights and windows, it’s best that they are properly sealed and installed. If you have a skylight, beware of the flashing surrounding it. With improperly set up skylights, leaks are known to develop that can cause the frame to rot and drywall around it to begin to bend and buckle.

Leaks can be hard to trace without an expert eye. With a proper roof inspection, problem areas can be pinpointed and found. Have the origin of your roof leaks traced so that you may get professional roof leak repair in Roswell and Atlanta, GA.

Roof Insurance Claims Help

Storms can be a nuisance to many areas of the home, and when there is an issue with leaks, then that may be a time to attempt to get insurance coverage on repairs. If a storm is a reason that a leak has formed from subsequent roofing damages then your homeowners’ insurance may be able to cover repairs. Speak with our team about how you may be able to file an insurance claim. We’ll be able to act as an intermediary and ensure that proper processes are being taken in order to ensure a better outcome. Call us today.

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Speak With Our Knowledgeable Team

Dr. Roof Atlanta is here to provide you with the services that you need for secure roof leak repair in Roswell and Atlanta, GA. Simply give us a call at 770-450-8829 to get your roof back in stable condition. It’s essential to get someone out to inspect your property so that proper measures can be made with material replacement and repairs. What’s more, an inspection will be able to back up any claims you make to ensure proper insurance coverage. To learn more talk to our knowledgeable staff soon.