Roofing Warranties

Golden Pledge Warranty

The 25 yr. (Transferrable!) Golden Pledge Warranty is the best Dr. Roof Atlanta and GAF have to offer — not only does GAF warranty their shingles for 25-50 years depending on the type, but they also warranty Dr. Roof Atlanta’s workmanship for up to 25 years. So when you choose the Golden Pledge, not only do you get Dr. Roof Atlanta’s excellent warranty, but GAF’s too. Further, you’ll have two layers of protection as we’re installing your roof. We do our own internal inspection, and GAF hires an independent inspector to do its own inspection. With the Golden Pledge warranty, you’ll always have peace of mind knowing that if any roof repair is needed within 25 years it will automatically be fixed at no cost to you. You can sleep easy knowing your Golden Pledge warranty is behind you 100%.

Dr. Roof Atlanta also offers a comparable warranty program through CertainTeed. So no matter which shingle you prefer Dr. Roof Atlanta is your safest choice in roofing!