In Our Community

  • No Roof Left Behind:In Our Community

No Roof Left Behind is a nationwide program that gives folks in the community a way to help their good neighbors that have fallen on hard times. The No Roof Left Behind program made available to Dr. Roof the framework to provide a new roof at no cost to a deserving homeowner in need. Dr. Roof first partnered with No Roof Left Behind in 2013 and will continue this relationship throughout the years.

  • Christian City:

Christian City ministers to families, but focuses primarily on the needs of abused and abandoned In Our Communitychildren, the aged and infirm. The Christian City campus is a vibrant and active Atlanta retirement community as well as refuge for children without families of their own. Dr. Roof has successfully worked with the Christian City management team to achieve the goal of campus beautification. Dr. Roof has replaced numerous roofs on the Christian City campus as well as provided services for gutters, roof inspections and roof repairs.

  • Roofs for Troops:

Dr. Roof, in conjunction with our partner GAF, is very In Our Communitypleased to offer all active and retired military personnel rebates on their purchase of a GAF Lifetime Roofing System. This is one way that Dr. Roof and GAF say, "Thank you for your sacrifice and commitment to our country".

  • La Petite Maison:

Dr. Roof was very excited to help a local 12-year-old construct the roof of a tiny house for her school project. The tiny house was not an easy project for her to begin with, and an intervening tragedy meant that it ended up taking nearly two years. But thanks to her own fortitude and help from highly supportive parents, community members, and donations, the young lady now has her own 128-square-foot tiny house on a trailer that has been visited by the President of the US!