Skylight Repair and Replacement

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Restore Skylight Conditions

Skylights are a wonderful way to allow natural light into the home and provide a sense of freshness. However, over time problems can arise and will require the help of a professional roofing company such as Dr. Roof Atlanta to get materials secured once more. Dr. Roof Atlanta installs, replaces and provides skylight repair in Roswell and Atlanta, GA. We are a certified Velux skylight installer, and also install Sun Tunnels and custom ordered skylights. The flashing system installed with your skylight helps build a waterproof seal around the hole where the skylight sits in the roof. Dr. Roof Atlanta uses the best technology and installation methods to ensure your skylight brings only sun into your home. Adding a new skylight or Sun Tunnel to your home brings light to dark closets, hallways, and rooms in an environmentally friendly way. Let us bring light into your life! For a free estimate, contact our office at 770-450-8829 to schedule an appointment.

Typical Issues With Skylights

Certain problems with skylights may occur with improper installations or condensation issues. It’s important to make sure that the components that secure your skylight and seal it away from moisture are not worn or torn so that leaks won’t develop. Such materials like gaskets, deck seals, or flashing are essential and overtime they may become worn. Make sure to keep up to date with any changes that you may see with your skylight. Keep an eye on the sealing on the underside of the skylight or if your skylights have low levels of insulation. Certain rooms of the home, such as bathrooms, will have higher humidity and large amounts of condensation that can lead to cracks and moisture problems. Keep in mind that the placement of skylights will affect future behavior. Our roofing company would be delighted to advise you on these issues and help you address any roof repairs you may need during the process.

If you’re wondering about whether you’ll need to have a skylight repair in Roswell and Atlanta, GA versus a replacement it will depend on several factors. Get in touch with a professional who will be able to analyze the problem and set you up with a skylight replacement or repair.

Our Team is Ready to Help

Our team at Dr. Roof Atlanta is here to provide you with the solutions you need with skylight repair in Roswell and Atlanta, GA. We’ll confer with you about the possible conditions that are causing issues and work with your property specifications to see if areas are worn and need to be updated. Enjoy the use of your skylight without worries and have your skylight restored into operable and safe conditions in no time. Call us at 770-450-8829 today.