Free Roof Inspections

A Roofer Provides a Free Roof Inspection.

Free Roof Inspections for Hail and Wind Damage

A roof inspection is vital to any property, whether the roof is new or in need of repairs. As a matter of fact, it’s recommended to get a roof inspection annually or shortly after a hail or windstorm in order to prevent roof leaks. Without exception, not only will you be able to catch any minor repairs before they get larger, but also you’ll extend the life and performance of your roof. Your roof may even have enough storm-related damage to qualify it for replacement by your homeowner’s insurance carrier. Dr. Roof Atlanta works with all major insurance companies and helps customers through the entire roof claim process. From initial inspection and identification of roof damage to working with your insurance adjuster to ensure all roofing components are covered by the claim, Dr. Roof is there for you to ensure you have the best roof possible. Dr. Roof Atlanta provides well-rounded and in-depth inspections for your convenience no matter the need. Speak to us today or click here to book your free roof inspection appointment online. You may also call our Customer Service center at 770-450-8829 today.

What’s Involved in a Roof Inspection

Typically, with a standard roof inspection, our trained and experienced roof inspectors will review areas such as the chimney flashing, roof valleys, wall and junction flashings, roof pipe boots, and other roof penetrations. If hail or wind damage is suspected, the shingles will be inspected and tested to determine whether there is enough damage to warrant filing a claim with homeowners’ insurance.

For active roof leaks, the roofer will want to enter the accessible areas of the attic to trace the path of the water entry. This helps diagnose the most likely cause of the roof leak and will help reduce the expense of repairs. Sometimes it’s not possible to trace the exact source of the leak, and the roofer may offer several possible causes and various options for repairs. You’ll be able to catch problem areas before they spread to other areas of the roof or compromise minor repairs into larger replacements.

Once an inspector has logged all of the important findings and details they will send the estimate to you for review and discussion. Once a plan of action has been communicated with the client then repairs and replacements can commence. Dr. Roof has one of the largest residential roof repair and replacement teams in the Atlanta area. Since 1988 the company has prioritized customer service and attention to detail, with the company being awarded the Consumer’s Choice Award since 2004!

Storm Damages

After a storm has passed it’s especially important to have your roof undergo a free roof inspection so that any roof leaks can be stopped in their early stages, before the interior of the home sustains heavy damage. Avoid the added costs by having problem areas inspected by a professional and licensed roofer sooner than later. Not only will an inspection prevent larger expenses in the long term, but they will also be able to support any roof insurance claims that you may need to make for your property. Learn more about the steps to be taken when you’re looking to get covered with your insurance with roof repairs. Our team is here to assist you with your questions and concerns at any time. Contact us today at 770-450-8829 or click here.

Architect Checking Insulation During House Construction

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Dr. Roof Atlanta is here to provide you with a thorough roof inspection. Expect our professionals to keep track of every detail with a detailed look at every nook and cranny of your roof. Susceptible areas will be looked at with special attention and all reports of findings and estimates will be communicated with you in a timely manner so that you’re on the same page. Implement the right course of action with our quality roofing services. Call our team at 770-450-8829 to get a roof inspection scheduled for your property.