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Dormers and Stone Chimney on House.

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Dr. Roof Atlanta has been installing custom made chimney caps, pans, and shrouds in the Roswell and Atlanta, GA area since 1988. Properly installed chimney metal helps prevent leaks from entering at the top of the chimney. Sometimes brick and mortar may need to be sealed as well, and Dr. Roof Atlanta now offers this service to compliment our chimney metal service. For a free estimate, please contact us to schedule an appointment.

A properly manufactured and installed chimney pan prevents water from entering near the top of your chimney. Dr. Roof Atlanta in Atlanta focuses on the details at the top of the chimney to ensure a water tight seal. Get professional chimney repair in Roswell and Atlanta, GA today by calling our team at 770-450-8829 soon!

Types of Chimney Repairs

There are many parts and components to a chimney that can be influenced by age, frequent use, and weather. In order to ensure safety from fire hazards, it’s important that a certified professional make any repairs to your chimney. An inspection will be a great way to determine and pinpoint problems so that all areas can be addressed thoroughly for proper results.

Common chimney repairs that are performed are as follows:

  • Brick repair and replacement.
  • Chase repair and rebuild.
  • Chimney relining.
  • Custom chimney cap installation.
  • Damper repair and or replacement.
  • Flash and seal on the chase at the roofline.
  • Flue pipe replacement.
  • Mortar repair and mortar crown rebuild.
  • Removing animals and nesting from the chimney.
  • Spark arrestor and pan replacement.
  • Waterproofing chase.

Get quality chimney repair in Roswell and Atlanta, GA by our team of trained professionals by contacting us today.

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Dr. Roof Atlanta is here to provide you with a safe and properly performing chimney system. For exceptional chimney repair in Roswell and Atlanta, GA speak to our team today at 770-450-8829. We’ll be able to address your concerns and provide you with the right course of action for your chimney no matter whether issues are big or small. Enjoy a secure and durable chimney system after we’re through. Schedule services today. We look forward to assisting you.