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Peace of Mind Meditation Series  3/20 - 5/12.

Anh Chi Pham - Meditation Guide
Audio Introduction - Click Here to Listen

Join our 8-week journey to find peace of mind. Invest 5 minutes a day to reduce stress through guided meditation & other stressbuster techniques. Register to join us! Weekly prize giveaway!

Lose Stress & Find Peace of Mind
How STRESSED are you? Complete the Stress Scale to find out.

Take a pause; do you feel stressed because of work, home, or both? Join our journey starting March 20th through May 12th to find peace of mind. Demands on you lead to stress that affects physical and mental health. Techniques to reduce and manage stress is our gift to you.

Peace of Mind Meditation Series
Join our 8-week journey to find peace of mind. Invest 5 minutes a day to reduce stress through guided meditation & other stressbuster techniques.

Register to join us! Weekly prize giveaway!

Series runs from 3/20 - 5/12. Opt-in or out at your discretion. No pressure to keep up, participate at your pace.
• Register to receive 1 text per week with a 5-minute guided meditation link and other stressbuster techniques.
• Improve your health, reduce anxiety, and manage the overwhelming factors in your life. Yes, 5 minutes a day.
• Unplug from work and home for 5 minutes to catch your breath and a peaceful moment.

8-week Peace of Mind Meditation Series

1. Breath Focused: classic method used to train our concentration and focus. (Click Here to Listen)
2. Walking Meditation: an active meditation that can be done throughout the day. (coming soon! stay tuned! 3/27)
3. Driving Meditation: drive safely with mindfulness and intention. (coming soon! stay tuned! 4/3)
4. Body Scan: helpful for relaxation, pain and cultivating body awareness (coming soon! stay tuned! 4/10)
5. Mindful Eating or Drinking: improves digestion, enjoyment of food and can aid in weight loss. (coming soon! stay tuned! 4/17)
6. Grounding Meditation: helpful for anxiety and overwhelm. (coming soon! stay tuned! 4/24)
7. Back Breathing Meditation: helpful for relaxation and back tension or pain. (coming soon! stay tuned! 5/1)
8. Forgiveness: For healing of relationships. (coming soon! stay tuned! 5/8)

About Anh Chi Pham
Anh Chi Pham, is a Certified Yoga Instructor, Yoga Therapist and Nervous System Educator at the Emory Healthcare's Wellness Center. She has been practicing yoga and meditation for twenty-five years and is certified at the highest distinction by Yoga Alliance and the International Association of Yoga Therapists. As someone who has experienced chronic pain and anxiety, Anh Chi loves to empower others to overcome stress and overwhelm through the combination of mindfulness, movement and the latest research in nervous system and brain health.

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