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5 Uncommon Uses for Common Household Items

Various Household Items

There are so many specialty items on the market now — bread scoopers to hollow out bagels, vacuum attachments for your blinds, you name it. But before you order a new gadget, try out some less-known purposes for items you probably already have around the house!

  1. Kneaded Rubber Eraser
Kneaded Eraser On Harwood Floor

They’re great for removing pencil marks, but did you know they can also get out scuff marks on hardwood or tile floors?

  1. Butter Knife
Butter Knife Used as Screwdriver

The average butter knife can be used as more than just a kitchen tool. It works surprisingly well as a screwdriver in a pinch, if you place the flat edge of the butter knife in one of the grooves of the screw and try turning it. Plus, you can insert it into the end of a curtain rod to help your curtains slide on smoothly. No more struggling with the fabric over those sharp edges!

  1. Plastic Bread Ties
Bread Ties Used to Hold Wires

Before you throw out those split plastic squares that hold the bread bag closed, try one of these tricks.

Got a tangle of overlapping wires under the desk? Label the cords easily with bread tags.

Flip-flops keep coming apart? The ties can also be used for quick and easy shoe repairs. Secure to the underside (sole) where the thong goes through the shoe — no more broken flip-flops!

  1. Dryer Lint
Dryer Lint

Even the lint that collects in the dryer screen, vent opening, and vent hose can be useful year-round. Because of how flammable it is, many people use it as a fire-starter for the wood burner in the winter, and for campfires in the summer.

  1. Milk Jugs
Milk Jugs Used For Gardening

For all gardeners from experts to novices, these plastic containers make excellent portable greenhouses for your garden plants. Just cut off the spout and place over plants to protect them from frost or storm damage.

Fun fact: while many household items can be upcycled to save you time, energy, and money, roofing materials are the opposite! Contractors should never reuse any materials — this is the number one cause for future leaks and weather intrusion. Learn more about the Dr. Roof Difference.

Choosing The Best Roof Shingles For Your Home

A Home With New Shingles

Change Home’s Image With Shingles

When you think of making changes to your home, you may think of it as a costly and long-term process. But changing the image of your house can be as simple as selecting a shingle type from a lookbook! Plus, just switching up your shingle type could make your home more energy-efficient and damage-resistant. If you’re ready for a visual change, roofing shingles can be replaced year-round and adapted to the style of your choice.

When selecting the best roofing shingles for your home, in most cases you’ll want to consider the following factors:

  • Grade and Budget: Choose from a variety of models which differ based on installation cost, quality, and available design options.
  • Climate: Lighter colors can reflect heat, while dark colors are best for colder regions. Choose ratings for wind, fire, and hail based on your climate.
  • Design and Color: The higher the grade, the more styles, and colors you’ll get to choose from.

You can start by browsing the following roofing shingles, and reach out with any questions.

Asphalt roof shingles

These are by far the most popular choice for residential roof shingles. They are low-cost, easy to install, and durable, with an average lifespan of 20 to 50 years.

Asphalt roof shingles pair best with steep roofs. Although they are cheaper and easy to install, they are recommended for more temperate climates, since significant changes in temperature can weaken them. Because they can be recycled, asphalt shingles are an environmentally friendly option.

With current technology, asphalt shingles can be customized to different colors, sizes, and shapes. And you don’t need to sacrifice appearance for cost — they are crafted to look like some of the more expensive shingles.

Fiberglass shingles

A blend of baked plastic and glass fiber makes the fiberglass shingle more strong and durable. The fiberglass shingle is then coated with some asphalt and mineral fillers to make it waterproof.

Fiberglass shingles are known for being fire-resistant. For this reason, fiberglass shingles may be best if you live in a fire-prone area.

Organic Shingles

This type of shingle was created in a bid for more eco-friendly products but was removed from the market around 2005 due to its inefficiency. They were manufactured from the recycling of waste paper and clothes which were then coated with asphalt.

Wood and shake shingles

These are made from wood or synthetic material. Wood shingles have a lifespan of up to 30 years and can withstand harsh climatic conditions like fluctuation of temperatures and high-speed winds. They are eco-friendly and can help reduce your heating bills.

Other types of roof shingles include slate shingles, which have a lifespan of 80 to 100 years, as well as solar shingles — a more recent and highly efficient type. Solar shingles also help in the production of domestic energy for consumption.

For more information on the best roofing shingles, send us a message or call us at 770-450-8829.

The 7 Most Satisfying Ways to Declutter Your Home in 5 Minutes

Clean your home, one simple step at a time.

It’s morning rush hour and you’re hustling to get your kids and yourself out the door.

As you’re packing lunches, you’re able to put your hands on six water bottles, but somehow can find only one lid. (You peek in the junk drawer, but no lids have migrated there.)

Glancing toward the bureau by the front door, you notice a pile of unopened mail so high that a dangerous collapse is inevitable.

And when you finally get all the kids packed up and dropped off, you suddenly realize you forgot to brush your teeth before leaving the house. Popping open the center console of your car, in search of a breath mint, you reach into a dangerously sticky, glittery junkyard of trash, coins and fast food napkins. No mint, but you do find the Happy Meal toy your 6-year-old has been begging for. So let’s call that a victory.

Spending time to get organized, while already juggling the needs of work and family, almost feels counterintuitive, doesn’t it? And yet uncluttered spaces are life-giving. They promote calm, peace, freedom.

That’s what you’re after. In fact, it’s what you need.

Admittedly, minimizing all the clutter in your house over the course of one weekend is not reasonable for most people. But taking a few small steps in the right direction is possible for everyone. With a few five-minute decluttering projects, you can begin to take small, manageable steps to live in the kind of environment that is life-giving for you and for your family.

Here are some five-minute decluttering projects you can accomplish today:

1. Declutter your kitchen cupboards.

Declutter your plates or cups cupboard, along with those water bottles. Many modern homes are filled with duplicate items. One of the places this can be easily noticed is in our kitchen cupboards. Realistically, how many cups, mugs, bowls and plates does your family need? Have you slowly accumulated an entire cupboard full of them? Maybe. Reach in the back, grab those that are never used, and minimize them forever from your life and valuable kitchen space. (And if the water bottles don’t have lids? Two-step them by putting them in a box for two weeks. If the lids don’t show up, the bottles go into recycling.)

2. Sort through your paper.

Sort through a pile of mail or paper. First, look for piles of paper in places they don’t belong (kitchen counters, dining room tables, coffee tables) and tackle those piles first. You’ll get through them quickly and easily. If you’re feeling motivated, move on to tackle a larger pile—sometimes taking the first step is the hardest.

3. Clean your car.

Too often our vehicles fill up with unnecessary things: old CDs, sunglasses, Happy Meal toys, receipts, coins, empty water bottles, paper trash. Grab two bags: one for garbage and one for items to relocate. Fill them quickly with everything in your car that doesn’t need to be there. You’ll be surprised how quickly you can empty your vehicle of unneeded clutter.

4. Tackle a junk drawer.

Some junk drawers may take longer than five minutes, I admit. If you’ve got the extra time, declutter it completely. However, for a strict five-minute task, set a timer on your watch and see how much of the junk you can remove from the drawer. You may be surprised how much you can remove in that time frame—and how quickly you can accomplish something when you put your mind to it.

5. Return toys to their storage spot.

If you have young children (or even older ones), you know that toys routinely get strewn around the house. Grab a few minutes with your child this evening before bed and make sure all the toys get taken back to the room or space they belong—and don’t forget car toys! If this task seems overwhelming, consider some of the benefits of owning fewer toys. But in the meantime, do your best to teach your children the importance of returning items when finished using them.

6. Clean your bedroom dresser.

Clear off the top of your bedroom dresser. Bedrooms should promote rest, relaxation and intimacy—not upheaval and unrest. With focused attention, it will take you less than five minutes to clear off the top of your dresser. And it will change the entire mood in your bedroom.

7. Clean out a bathroom medicine chest.

If empty containers, expired products and dozens of items no longer used are cluttering up your medicine chest (and probably the cupboards under your sink), take a few minutes and remove everything that can go. Then, dispose of it appropriately. You’ll feel more calm the very next morning as you get ready for the day ahead.

I realize, of course, everyone’s living arrangement looks a little bit different than others. Specifically, for you, one of the projects listed above may take longer than five minutes. But for the most part, they can be completed quickly. And whether you accomplish one or all seven, you’ll be thankful you did. They might not solve all your clutter issues, but they’ll definitely get you moving in the right direction.

Happy decluttering. And enjoy a life that’s a little more peaceful!

Joshua Becker is the founder and editor of Becoming Minimalist, a website dedicated to inspiring others to find more life by owning less. He is the best-selling author of The Minimalist Home: A Room-by-Room Guide to a Decluttered, Refocused Life and The More of Less: Finding the Life You Want Under Everything You Own.

Written by Joshua Becker for Working Mother and legally licensed through the Matcha publisher network. Please direct all licensing questions to

We know not everyone tackles spring cleaning and home improvement on the same schedule. So if you realize while decluttering that you could use a hand with some painting, siding, or attic insulation work, reach out with any questions!

Dr. Roof Gift Card: Enjoy Loyalty Rewards

Your home comfort and satisfaction in our services have always been our priority. With you in mind, we are excited to give back with Dr. Roof Gift Cards!

To take advantage of our Gift Card program, simply present the card the next time you call in any of our technicians. Your Gift Card will be redeemable at any time for any of our Services.

How to use your Gift Card(s):

  • Anytime — it never expires!
  • For any of our Services
  • 1 Gift Card per home per Service performed
  • Not redeemable for cash

All of us at Dr. Roof deeply value each and every customer. Our hope is to become a partner in home services for life, and we look forward to assisting you with any and all home services for years to come. We appreciate you choosing Dr. Roof!

Home Firework Safety

Many people will choose to forego professional fireworks displays at crowded parks and malls and celebrate Independence Day at home. These celebrations may include DIY fireworks displays. Whether you are partial to shells, sparklers, spinners, or sky flyers, the safety of your body, your children, and your home should be the number one priority.

The Consumer Products and Safety Commission recommends the following tips to keep yourself and your children safe when using fireworks at home:

  • Never allow young children to play with or ignite fireworks.
  • Never allow young children to play with or ignite fireworks.
  • Never allow young children to play with or ignite fireworks.
  • Never allow young children to play with or ignite fireworks.
  • Never allow young children to play with or ignite fireworks.
  • Never allow young children to play with or ignite fireworks.
  • Never allow young children to play with or ignite fireworks.
  • Never allow young children to play with or ignite fireworks.
  • Never allow young children to play with or ignite fireworks.
  • Never allow young children to play with or ignite fireworks.

Dr Roof recommends these five tips to keep your home safe when using fireworks:

  • Clean your gutters. According to firefighters, doing this offers your roof the most protection from fire. Gutters clogged with pine needles, dry leaves, or other material can easily ignite if a spark lands on them.
  • Use your sprinklers in both the front yard and back yard. Keeping your grass and landscaping damp will help put out any lit material that may appear.
  • Pick up any dead leaves or other dry material from your property, particularly anything close to your home, shed, or garage.
  • If you have bark, mulch, or wood chips around your home be sure to water it. These materials can hide and protect a spark for hours before a fire grows.
  • If you suspect any roof or siding damage due to fireworks, call Dr. Roof for your free home inspection!

Ring Doorbell Giveaway Winner

We love to hear stories about teachers that went the extra mile for your student, food purchases for someone you love, and those who brought joy and peace of mind in uncertain times.

We offered our customers and Facebook followers a chance to highlight and gift one lucky winner who made an impact on someone in their home by sharing their story of someone who made a positive contribution during the pandemic. To say thank you to our local unsung heroes, we offered a Ring Video Doorbell Pro to our lucky winner, Gwinnett County School teacher Andrea Bieytes!

Ms. Bieytes, as she is known at Norcross High School, truly has gone above and beyond for her students, their families, and her greater community. Hear what her co-worker has to say about Andrea:

Throughout the Covid-19 pandemic, Andrea has gone above and beyond to help others. When her school switched to digital learning, Andrea not only fulfilled her job as a teacher but also reached out and served as a translator for other teachers communicating with non-English speaking parents. Andrea also saw the need for volunteers at the Norcross Cooperative Ministries – a nonprofit local cooperative dedicated to serving the needs of the at-risk population in the areas of Norcross, Peachtree Corners, and Tucker. As many of their full-time volunteers are high risk for Covid-19, Andrea stepped in to make sure that families still had access to food, shelter, and basic needs during this challenging economic time. She passes out breakfasts and lunches to children who don’t have access to free lunches during the summer and has even recruited her coworkers to do the same. As a teacher of students who receive support through Title I funding, she saw the challenges that they would face at the start of the shelter in place order. Andrea has spent over 300 hours volunteering to make sure that her students and other members of the community are taken care of during this difficult time.

At Dr Roof, we are happy to offer this gift to someone who has stepped up as a leader in their community to ensure the basic needs of all are met and hope Andrea inspires you to find out what difference you can make in your community.

5 Ways To Maintain Your Roof This Summer

The roof of your home is one of the strongest and most important layers of protection on your exterior. But while it’s built to last decades, it still needs a little regular maintenance and care to extend its lifespan and slow down the natural wear and tear it experiences from exposure to the elements.

Fortunately, your roof is relatively low-maintenance compared to other parts of your home. With a little time and attention during the spring, you can quickly and easily get your roof ready to weather the year ahead. Here are five maintenance steps you should take with your roof every year.

Clean off leaves and other debris

Leaves, dirt, and other debris can collect on a roof and affect its ability to drain, which can lead to water puddles and deterioration that increases the risk of leaks and other damage. Keeping your roof clean will allow it to drain water and function properly. Depending on the slope of your roof, you may be able to climb up there with a ladder and sweep off any collected debris. You can also use a roof rake or even a leaf blower to clear off hard-to-reach places.

Make sure you also clean out your gutters—this ensures proper drainage all the way to the ground.

Trim low-hanging or dangerous branches above your roof

Falling branches during a storm can cause serious damage to your roof in an instant. Your best defense against this damage is trimming branches that look weak or suspicious. This preventative measure can prevent roof damage that could otherwise occur during a summer storm.

“Many homeowners have trees trimmed on an annual basis to keep them in good health—especially when they overhang their house,” says a spokesperson for Dr. Roof. “Depending on the height, size, and complexity of the trim, you may be able to handle this task yourself. In general, though, a tree-trimming service is recommended both for your own personal safety, and to prevent any damage to your home.”

Repair loose or damaged shingles

After the winter storms have passed, inspect your roof for any missing shingles or visible damage to your roof. High winds and severe weather can loosen or remove these shingles, creating a breach in your roof’s protective layer. Water damage, mold, and higher energy bills are just a few of the consequences of missing shingles on your home.2 Replace those shingles as soon as possible to prevent additional damage.

Remember to check your roof for loose shingles after any severe storm.

Inspect your attic to check for leaks

In some cases, roof damage or leaks may not be obvious from the outside. But if your attic shows signs of leaks coming from the roof, it’s an obvious sign of bigger problems overhead.

“It’s never a bad idea to go up into your attic and look for water damage,” says a spokesperson for Dr. Roof. “If you report interior water damage to a roofing specialist, they’ll know it’s coming from a breach in the roof. The location of water damage in the attic can help identify the location and the cause, which will make it easier to correct the problem.”

If you suspect damage, seek out a roof inspection

Roof damage isn’t always visible to the eyes of homeowners. Hail, wind, and other elements can inflict damage that is hard to identify from ground level. When you’re dealing with something as expensive and important as your roof, it’s important to be cautious and get an inspection from a professional. Whether you contact a professional roofing company or file a claim with your insurance company, this inspection will determine whether there is damage that needs to be addressed.

Most homeowners don’t pay attention to their roof until serious damage or deterioration occurs. But by doing a little maintenance every year, you can improve the strength and protection of your roof and stop small problems before they grow into serious—and potentially expensive—problems down the road.

Roofs for Troops

Typically, Memorial Day Weekend looks like burgers on the grill at a family barbecue, heading to the neighborhood pool, or marching in a parade. This year our Memorial Day will look different. We have an opportunity to quietly reflect and remember those who laid down their lives for our freedom. If you have the opportunity, thank a veteran or active service member and ask him or her to tell you who they remember each year on the last Monday in May.

Group of Veterans


Our friends at GAF Shingles are all about supporting our military families. With the purchase of any GAF roofing system, they offer a $250 rebate to active service members, retirees, and veterans. We are GAF Master Elite factory-certified contractors and promise the best installation.

Woman Holding Us Flag during Daytime


Anyone who supports the US military can swing by their local Ace Hardware for a free 8×12 American flag on May 23 while supplies last.


Academy Sports + Outdoors is offering 10% off for active military and veterans.


Rack Room Shoes offers 10% off to military members and their families every Tuesday, Memorial Day, Independence Day, and Veterans Day.

Adidas is offering a limited time 40% off for verified military members.

Asics is offering a limited time 60% off all full priced merchandise.

Clark’s is offering a limited time 50% off for military members and their families.

Reebok is offering a limited time 50% off for military personnel

Nike has upped their usual 10% military discount to 20% for memorial day.

Person Holding A Slice of Pizza


Chili’s, Outback Steakhouse, Quiznos, UNO Pizzeria, and Yardhouse, and many more restaurants have Memorial Day specials for military families.

We hope that everyone under your roof has a safe Memorial Day!

A New Roof During a Pandemic?

In this time, we are all looking for ways to tighten our pocketbooks. The purchase of a new roof is an investment. Our friends at GAF have shared some great information about financing your new roof. They know that a new roof simply can’t wait. How do you know it’s time for a new roof? Here are some signs it’s time to call Dr. Roof:

  • Look for shingles that are on the ground. Inspect the shingles on your roof. Do they appear loose, torn, or smooth?
  • Look for loose material on the roof or any wear along pipes, vents, and chimneys
  • Check the inside of your gutters for sandy shingle granules. This is an indication of wear.
  • Note any moisture or indications of mold.

If you see any of the signs below, your roof needs an urgent checkup, your roof is no longer protecting you from the elements and you should call Dr. Roof today:

  • Are there any areas in the roof that are sagging? Sagging areas of the attic roof may suggest that water is leaking through causing dry rot in the wood.
  • Check for obvious signs of leakage or water damage in your ceilings. Do you see any areas of the ceiling that are wet, water damaged, discolored, or moldy?
  • Stand in your attic and look for light shining through the roof indicating a hole.

5 Ways To Entertain Your Kids At Home

If your children are stuck at home all day with you, there’s a good chance everyone is getting on each other’s nerves. And it’s hard to blame kids when they’re forced to stay at home, rather than going to school, playing with friends, and participating in their normal activities.

If your kids are bored at home, you’re probably on the hunt for ways to keep them entertained without relying on TV and screens to pass the time. We’ve got you covered: Here are five creative ideas that will give your kids the entertainment they’re craving.

1. Create an in-home treasure hunt

Turn your home into a playground with a simple indoor treasure hunt. Place a set number of items in locations around the house. Kids can either play on their own or divided up into teams. You can choose either random items or items that fit a certain theme, as well as locations that might have a thematic link to help your kids track down these treasure hunt items.1

Meanwhile, the treasure hunt will keep your kids occupied for a good chunk of time—and maybe teach them some teamwork skills as an added bonus.

2. Start a backyard or patio garden

If you have outdoor space at your disposal, a personal garden can be a great family activity and a form of entertainment that offers an educational component. Involve your kids in choosing the plants you want to grow in this garden, and then let them participate in setting up your garden space—whether that’s a dirt plot in your backyard or potted garden plants on a patio or terrace.

“Kids can also handle the day-to-day care of watering and weeding gardens,” says a spokesperson for Dr. Roof. “As a chore, it isn’t too demanding, and kids might also enjoy being given so much responsibility over an exciting new experience.”

3. Binge-watch the family’s favorite movies

Has your family ever talked about sitting down to watch every Star Wars movie in order? Or have you been meaning to show your kids some of the classic Disney movies they’ve never seen? When kids are stuck at home, there’s no better excuse to pile on the couch and spend long hours taking in some of your favorite movies.2

Whether it’s an all-day marathon, a nightly movie event, or another schedule that suits your kids’ schedules, pick out movies that will appeal to everyone—and add some snacks like popcorn or cheese and crackers to give it a little extra buzz.

4. Create a family book club

Eager to wean your kids off of screens? Consider using the extra time at home to promote books as a form of entertainment. If your kids aren’t naturally inclined to read on their own, you can set up incentives and awards for reading a certain amount each day, with the hope of instilling healthy habits and a love for reading.

“Reading is a great entertainment option that can give parents some much-needed quiet time during a hectic day,” says a spokesperson for Dr. Roof. “Use the extra time to either reading alongside your kids, or to focus on some home projects that need your attention.”

5. Teach your kids how to cook with kid-friendly recipes

Extra time at home can mean extra time in the kitchen. Pick out some simple meals that your kids can participate in. Making personal pizzas, Rice Krispie bars and other basic recipes can be an easy way to teach the basics of cooking to children of any age. Plus, it’s a skill that not only entertains them now but offers value throughout their life.

Keeping kids at home all day puts pressure on children as well as their parents. With some creative thinking around in-home entertainment, you can make daily life a little more tolerable and enjoyable for your entire household.