Your alarm goes off at 6:15, you make sure the kids remember their lunch and get them on the school bus. After a busy summer making great memories, the house seems quiet. You almost have a moment to breathe when you start to notice that your home's to-do list has not received the attention it deserves.

1. The shady patch of grass by the tree swing is dying.

2. The garage door has started to rot

3. The deck needs to be pressure washed

4. The paint on the front door is peeling

5. The carpets need to be cleaned

6. There's a draft coming through the front room windows

7. The siding by the back door is starting to get a little moldy

8. A new deck would be perfect for football parties this fall

9. You've wanted to update the kitchen for years

Way down at #47 is the roof. Lately it's been looking stained and shabby, there's a small leak in the upstairs bathroom you've been putting off, and you've noticed flecks of shingles washing out of the gutters when it rains. It could be time to call Dr. Roof.

When your list is this long it can be hard to know where to begin. You've got to stick to the budget and reaching out to different companies, collecting quotes, reading reviews, and scheduling home visits is a huge hassle, who has the time? Prioritizing your to-do list becomes crucial. Choosing the wrong priorities can be one of the biggest mistakes that hits right in the pocketbook. What do you want to upgrade and what do you need to replace? Do you have the driveway pressure washed first or fix the peeling paint? The dog hair in the carpet is building up but your Pinterest board is full of ideas for your perfect modern farmhouse kitchen. When it comes to roofs, windows, and siding a little problem can become a huge one before you know it. There's no use cleaning your carpets if they're going to get wet in a storm and new paint won't hold up to water damage caused by a leaking roof. Your perfect Joanna Gaines kitchen won't be as perfect if you always need wear a sweater because of the drafty windows.

Dr. Roof can help with your home's to-do list, after all we are the exterior home experts. As a fully licensed contractor Dr. Roof does way more than roofs. Dr. Roof can handle the drafty windows, moldy siding, peeling paint, and even get you the perfect deck for football season.