Roofing is not something that needs to be done every single day if it has been done correctly. It is therefore of great importance to look out for the best of contractors to avoid the unnecessary costs that come with poor services. It goes without saying that if a roof is not well done, it may not be able to withstand a bit of battering by winds and rain let alone hail storms. Be that as it may, companies such as Dr. Roof in Atlanta, GA have gone out of their way to deliver fantastic roofing services to clients all over the city.


Dr. Roof has been in business for more than twenty five years now. When it comes to roof matters, there is no one who can do it better than the experts at this company. They are well trained and experienced in everything related to roofing. You are thus guaranteed that you will get nothing but premium quality services. What are these services that are on offer?

1. Roof installation

It is easy to assume that the roof is just a bunch of timber or steel bars nailed together with the roofing sheets or tiles. Installation of a roof is a job that you should leave to the experts. This is because if it is not done properly it will either start leaking or worse yet collapse because of the weight.

2. Inspection and repair

Have you noticed a leak in your roof? By the time you are seeing the leak a lot of damage might have already occurred. This is why it is important to have a roofing contractor come and inspect the roof occasionally. This way you will be able to detect any repairs that need to be done early enough. If damages are detected early enough then repairs will not be as costly or time consuming.

3. Replacement and improvement

Roofs that have lived their lives need to be replaced. At Dr. Roof you can get professionals to work on your roof replacement project and have it completed in a very short time. If you want to add a few improvement to your roof they will also help you do that. Perhaps you want to install gutters that will collect rain water directing it to some place; this is a good improvement to start with.

4. Window replacement

Window replacement services often go together with roofing. Would you like to replace a whole window including the frames and the seals? This is a project that you can have completed within a few hours but only when you get in touch with experts. The Dr. Roof professionals work in teams to make sure that large jobs are complete fast and excellently.

5. Siding and painting

Dr. Roof also offers excellent siding products that will keep your walls looking fantastic even after a many years of suffering the agony of enraged Mother Nature. The siding will not only drain water from the walls but also insulate and boost the aesthetics of the building. Most roofing companies do not offer painting services but Dr. Roof has expert painters who will get your home looking fantastic in the shortest time possible.

With these services from Dr. Roof, come hail or rain, shine or snow- your roof and exterior walls will remain beautiful always.