Protecting Our Customers, Supporting Our Community

As we stand together to battle COVID-19, Dr. Roof is committed to providing the essential services of roof repair, roof replacement, and construction service projects while doing our best to protect you, your home, and our team. We have implemented several changes in an effort of keeping everyone safe.

Operational Changes:

• All conversations will take place outside the home, if possible, at a safe distance > 10 feet. We have minimized in-house visits. We have labeled this extreme social distancing and will even text customers information and pictures when we are standing 10 feet apart.
• Dr. Roof staff will wear rubber gloves at all times if entry to the house is required.
• We will all adhere to the 10 person group mandate, including separating larger crews.
• All proposals will be sent and approved electronically respecting space between you and our team.
• Working with our entire delivery team including our service representatives, material suppliers, and field crews to ensure our continued support of your family with maximum availability to provide services needed to protect you and your home.

Supporting our Team:

• We have provided our field members with hand sanitizer and gloves to keep everyone as safe as possible.
• Dr. Roof implemented new technology to mobilize all customer and operational support roles to work from home protecting their health while ensuring we keep lines open to serve you.
• Dr. Roof is providing our field staff with masks to support their efforts in staying healthy while supporting your essential needs. These masks will be homemade as any disposable masks we obtain are donated to our hospitals.

Supporting our Community:

• We have partnered with our roofing shingle manufacturers to provide discounted roof replacements for those that need this service during the current crisis – right now through May 31, 2020. This program has two benefits. First, we are dropping our pricing lower than ever in our history to help out homeowners that feel financially uncertain during these times. Second, Dr. Roof and our shingle manufacturers want to do everything we can to keep workers employed during these times. It helps us all if workers are able to keep their jobs during this crisis.
• If we are able to obtain any shipments of N95 disposable masks, these are donated to hospitals and first responders.

These are extraordinary times with new hurdles to overcome daily. For 32 years, we have understood that everything precious is under your roof – and at this time, we all realize how important that is. We will continue to operate our business with the safety of our team and your family as our number one priority. Thank you for your continued support.

Stay Productive While Working from Home

While our field team is working hard to ensure your home is safe during this crisis, most of our home office team are working from home. Like many of you are, we are learning to navigate our new reality. Our homes look completely different today than they did a month ago. Our kids are at home, zoom meetings now occur at the dining room table, we are eating every meal at home and it’s hard to stay productive with everyone at home.

To stay productive and distract ourselves from the daily news, we recommend the following 5 tips:

  1. Plant a garden

You can use some items you already have in your homes to create a vegetable garden. Green onions, lettuce, garlic, basil, celery, and even avocados are easy to regrow using scraps. HGTV describes how to get started here.

  1. Learn a new skill

When is a better time to learn a new skill? As many of us shelter in place, there has been an explosion of free online resources to learn anything from a new language to painting landscapes to sewing surgical masks. Want to improve your professional skills? Schools like the General Assembly and Linkedin learning offer free online classes in subjects such as customer service, excel, project management, and more. The possibilities are endless.

  1. Conduct a family Olympics

Who can hula-hoop the longest? Stack more plastic cups? Name the most state capitals? Since the 2020 games are postponed, challenge your family to compete in games for both the body and mind to see who will take home the gold. Alternatively, play a different game each night and have a gold medalist of the day.

  1. Wash your windows, oven, and dryer

Now that the novelty of everyone being home has worn off, it’s time to get down to business. Tackling those time-consuming projects around the house now will make more time for you to enjoy your usual activities when the crisis is over.

  1. Check your ceilings for stains, evidence of a roof leak

Speaking of maintaining productivity while you are home, why not have Dr. Roof fix that leak you never have time to handle? Our field team is hard at work to ensure your safety and can likely conduct your consultation and repair without even entering your home.

How To Handle Storm Damage To Your Roof

When severe weather strikes, homeowners can face an urgent situation if they’re facing damage to their property. In most cases, the potential fallout from this weather is only beginning: While the storm itself can cause initial damage to the home, that damage creates an entry point for additional damage that can bring even more costs, safety hazards, and challenges when it comes to repairing.

A home’s roof is especially important to quickly repair after storm damage strikes. Because it provides a protective shield over so much of the house, even small amounts of roof damage could become a serious issue when homeowners fail to address this damage and seek out a professional to make the necessary repairs.

If your home has suffered damage in a storm and you’re not sure where to start, don’t worry. Here’s a look at some of the common types of storm damage that can affect a home’s roof, and what you need to do to ensure the damage is quickly repaired.

Identifying damage from falling objects

Many types of storm damage are caused by falling objects that strike the roof, resulting in bent or broken shingles, as well as possible damage to the frame of the roof. Common causes of this damage include falling tree limbs broken off by high winds, as well as hailstorms, which can create small but problematic dents and holes in your roof.

While damage from large objects like tree limbs is easy to identify, hail can be more challenging. It often appears as circular indents or marks on a roof, and you’ll likely find multiple instances of this on your roof if you’ve suffered damage from a recent hailstorm. While hail itself isn’t a roof emergency, it can degrade the strength of your roof’s protective outer layer, and will need to be replaced eventually.

Bent shingles from high winds

High winds can slip under the lips of your home’s shingles, bending them back and making it easier for water to get underneath. When severe Spring weather brings high winds that damage your roof, it’s normal for your home to lose some of its shingles. You might also notice missing shingles on the roofs of neighboring homes.

Bent shingles aren’t necessarily an emergency, but they do need to be inspected and potentially replaced. Missing shingles are a different story: due to the size of the damage, they need to be quickly replaced to keep rain from seeping into your home and to prevent future storms from using this damage to rip off even more shingles.

Leaks and water damage

Cracks and leaks can develop in your roof from severe weather, but this damage isn’t always obvious to the homeowner-especially when inspecting the roof from the ground. The most common way these leaks are identified is by discovering water stains on the ceiling or walls inside your home.

Severe weather can cause or exacerbate these leaks, forcing water into your home and causing extensive damage if it goes unaddressed. If you discover water stains and aren’t sure of the cause, your roof may be the source-and quick action to address the damage is key.

Contacting your insurance adjuster

Outside of replacing a missing shingle or two, most roof damage from severe storms can’t be fixed by the homeowner themselves. And there’s a good reason you don’t want to handle it on your own: If a severe storm is the cause of that damage, your insurance company may pay to partially or fully cover the cost of your entire home.1

To quickly address storm damage, professionally fix your roof and possibly pass on the costs to your insurance company, it’s important to file a claim and have an insurance adjuster come out to assess the damage. An adjuster will be able to identify the damage, identify the cause, and make a determination on whether a roof repair or replacement is covered in your insurance policy.

Tornadoes, thunderstorms, high winds, and hail are just some of the types of severe weather that can damage your roof and require quick action. If you suspect that your roof has been damaged in a storm, take action quickly-the longer you wait, the more damage and repair costs you may suffer as a result.

Tips For Interior Painting Project

Have you ever thrown a painting party? You invite some friends over, supply the paint, maybe give the less artistically inclined a quick tutorial, and go to town. Winter may actually be the best time to finally cover the questionable shade of purple in your living room. For starters, winter in the South is considerably less humid than the summer months, an ideal condition for drying paint. If you’re getting professional help (which is obviously way less fun than a painting party), winter is usually the slowest time of the year, so you’re more likely to pay less and get quicker results.

Here are a few practical tips for your DIY interior painting project:

  • Professionals usually following this order when painting walls: trim, ceiling, walls. You won’t have to worry about getting paint on the walls in the first two steps, and just tape off the trim before you paint the walls.
  • Use cotton drop cloths rather than plastic. Cotton drop cloths stay in place better than plastic, paint drips dry on canvas but stay wet on plastic, and plastic is slippery to walk on and can be a hazard for someone climbing up on a ladder.
  • Use a sanding sponge rather than sandpaper for hard-to-reach spots like trim.
  • Invest in a paint pen. Fill the pen with your wall color for touchups down the road. The paint will stay fresh inside the pen for about a year! Make sure you shake it to mix up the paint before using it.
  • If you’re using old painter’s tape that’s tearing or sticking, put the roll in the microwave for 10 seconds.

While you’re in the painting and home improvement swing if you decide the exterior of your home needs a little love, keep us in mind! We hope you consider burning off some energy and having some fun this winter with your own painting party!

Why Choose James Hardie Fiber Cement?

It’s time to update the façade of your home. Your 1970’s wood exterior is dated, the bees have put holes near your porch, and you’ve fallen behind on the maintenance. There are many options available to you: patching and painting the wood, vinyl siding, fiber cement, a stone veneer…

This customer selected the Hardie Color Plus Cedarmill Siding in Khaki Brown. Color Plus comes with the added benefit that it doesn’t require painting!

James Hardie Fiber Cement Siding is a great choice for those who are looking to update their home and add some curb appeal. Fiber Cement siding offers the look of wood with less maintenance. HGTV says James Hardie Fiber Cement Siding is “tougher and stronger than vinyl siding and imitates wood-grain remarkably well.” Southern Living Magazine recommends James Hardie products and states that they look just like wood but without the hassle of “rotting, curling, warping, and splitting.” With James Hardie, you really do get the best of both worlds.

Equally important as choosing the right kind of siding for you is choosing the right professionals to install your new siding. Dr. Roof is proud to be a James Hardie Elite Preferred contractor with a 93% referral rating. After a careful review of products, we aligned ourselves with James Hardie Siding due to their unparalleled quality and longevity in the business – like Dr. Roof Atlanta. James Hardie siding products come with a 30-year limited, transferable warranty and offer a non-prorated product coverage for the entire 30 years. As one of only six Elite Preferred businesses in Georgia, Dr. Roof can help safeguard everything precious under your roof, even when it comes to siding.

Grandmother Test

Even after a long day of strong wind and driving rain in Athens, Hairy's roof is in perfect condition - because we Never Cut Corners.
Even after a long day of strong wind and driving rain in Athens, Hairy’s roof is in perfect condition – because we Never Cut Corners.

So imagine this:

Kirk Mellish reports that a major storm hit Atlanta. Your home is fine, but you are seeing videos on the News of homes that look completely torn up.

Your home may be fine this time but are you prepared for the next big storm?

New siding may be rated to withstand winds of 110 mph but when your home experiences about kinds of winds over and over, often coupled with driving rains your siding takes a beating. Extreme heat and extreme cold also take their toll. The reality is that the damage will add up, though you may not even see it – until the cost of the repair is enormous.

You already know where we are going here, the same advice for everything in your home:


Have the experts out to at least check out your siding.

Dr. Roof is one of the very few to have earned the title of ‘Elite Preferred’ from James Hardie – the # 1 siding in America.

Don’t trust the siding manufacturer? Trust GRANDMOTHER TEST.

At Dr. Roof, we treat each of our customers like we would our own grandmother. We don’t cut corners and we always make safety our top priority.

Dr. Roof – your licensed expert for everything from Siding to Roofing

Why Your Kids Aren’t Falling Asleep

A child who’s having trouble falling asleep can be a tremendous source of concern for a parent. A lack of sleep can make a child listless throughout the day, and – if they’re school-aged – have a negative impact on how they’re performing in class. Furthermore, parents can feel frustrated and powerless because they just don’t know how they can help. If you have a kid who’s finding it difficult to fall asleep at night, here are some of the most common causes, as well as some recommendations on how you can help.

Lack of Routine

Kids benefit from following the same routine every night, so try to keep their bedtime ritual as consistent as possible. For instance, you might want to begin bedtime with a bath, then brush their teeth, then one bedtime story, and then lights out. The kind of bedtime ritual you choose is entirely up to you, but you should keep it consistent every night. This will help them prepare mentally for sleep.

Too Much Stalling

Kids don’t know that sticking to a routine is conducive to good sleeping habits and will instead do everything they can to stay up. They might ask for one more bedtime story or another glass of water, but don’t let them divert you from staying on schedule. Be firm and loving, but let them know that it’s bedtime, and all their protesting and dithering are not going to change that fact.

Too Little Nap Time

Young children need to take naps throughout the day. If they’re not given proper nap time, they might find it challenging to fall asleep at night. Babies require two or three naps a day, while toddlers should have at least one. Any time of the day is a good time for a nap so long as it’s not too close to their bedtime.

Breathing Issues

While not the most common causes of sleep problems, it’s worth recognizing whether or not your child is having trouble breathing at night. Sleep apnea, for example, can affect children when they have blocked airways – usually the result of enlarged tonsils or adenoids. Excessive snoring is one sign of sleep apnea, but it’s possible that snoring on its own is making it difficult for your child to sleep. If you think breathing problems might be the cause of your child’s sleep troubles, consult with your pediatrician.


While most kids grow out of it by the time, they reach their teenage years, sleepwalking is not uncommon for younger children. If you catch your child in the middle of a late-night walk, you shouldn’t wake them. Instead, calmly and gently guide them back to bed. If it’s a recurring issue, be sure to clear out obstacles in their room and have safety gates set up in front of hazards such as stairways. By making yourself aware of some of the most common causes of insomnia in children, you can take the steps necessary to ensure they get the sleep they need to thrive.

Giving Tuesday

Giving Tuesday was started as a way to reflect and give back to our communities and is typically associated with monetary donations. This year we gave shelter pups a roof when we partnered with FurKids to assist with their new headquarters in Cumming, GA. There are so many ways to give your time and talents to the homeless pets at Furkids:

  • Do you take great photos of your pet? You can take photos of cats and dogs to showcase their personalities online.
  • Do you have a little extra room in your home this holiday? Why not give a dog or cat a warm holiday by fostering while they await their forever home. Fostered pets are better socialized and all pets love a warm lap on a cold evening.
  • Planning to put that Prime membership to use this season? You can choose Furkids to receive a donation when you shop at
  • Even children can help – with parental supervision learning readers read aloud to cats. This socializes the cats as well as offers a non-judgmental space for the children to practice.

Dr. Roof hopes you take a look at how you can give this season and that you have a safe and happy holiday!

And The Winner Is…

Being a Dr. Roof loyal customer has its perks! Earlier this month our customers were invited to participate in a raffle to win 2 tickets to watch Your Georgia Bulldogs beat the Texas A&M Aggies this weekend. Mike from Lilburn is our lucky winner!

There’s still time to register to win the Ultimate Tailgate Party Experience and have Hairy Dawg’s house come to your house! Two big-screen TVs, climate control, and catering for you and 24 of your friends and family.

Georgia Bulldogs Home Services Team

We are so excited to announce that Dr. Roof has been named a member of the new Home Services Team of your Georgia Bulldogs. Honored would be an understatement!! We’re all building something BIG – to give the ultimate Homefield Advantage to someone we all know and love. And you’ll get to see it soon – right at the end of the Dawg Walk, at Sanford Stadium on gameday. Go Dawgs!