We usually don’t have to contend with a lot of harsh winter weather here in the South. Leave it to Mother Nature to throw a wrench into that plan with a whoppingsnowstorm that has adults wiping out the grocery stores and kids rejoicing at area school closings, scurrying to create make-shift sleds to enjoy the onslaught of thesnow and ice.
Aside from the general preparedness you go through, there are a few things you should be aware of concerning your home’s structure and how it responds to ice,sleet, and snow. We all know to check for damage when we’ve had hail, but Dr. Roof has some important tips for you when it comes to ice and snow storms as well.
Ice buildup on your roof’s edges can lead to “ice damming,” which can allow water(specifically the drippings from melted snow or ice) to enter your home. To create a visual for you—have you ever left a bottle in the freezer too long and learned the hard way that expanding ice will burst out of its container? The same is true for snow and ice on your roof. It can melt, drip down, and then freeze and expand when the temps dip, creating an “ice dam” that backs ice up and under parts of your roof.This expansion upward and underneath your shingles and its sheer force can rip apart portions of your roof that haven’t been properly installed or sealed. It can also allow water to find a way into your home through a route that traditional rain water doesn’t travel.
The average homeowner seldom checks the attic for damage after a storm,therefore, if water or condensation is present, if often goes undetected until it escalates into a larger problem. Also, if you observe icicles hanging from your roof,there is a strong chance your attic has a problem with condensation.
Our crews are on alert and will work hard to respond to your repair requests in a timely and efficient manner during this storm and always. What’s more, you can count on Dr. Roof to install or repair your roof in such a way that you’ll be less likely to contend with future problems.
How is your roof holding up this winter? What can we do for you? Are you wavering between replacing or repairing your roof? Our professionals can help you make an educated decision.