Making regular checks for dampness and leaks from your roof should be done on a regular basis. Most damage caused by a leaking roof is not spotted until it is too late. There can be minor or major damage done depending on how long the leak has been going on before it is seen. Once signs of leaks are noticed, the next step is to find the source of the leak. Finding and repairing the source of the leak is a job for a professional Atlanta roofing contractor, a firm that is recognized as the leaders in the roofing business, a firm that can be trusted to do the job perfectly. This firm is, Dr. Roof Atlanta Roofing Contractors, and here listed below are a few of the reasons why you should hire them to fix all your roofing problems.

( 1 ) Only professionally trained personal are employed to carry out the work.

( 2 ) All work is guaranteed to be completed to the highest standards.

( 3 ) Only top of the range materials recommended by the master builders federation are used on every job.

( 4 ) Atlanta Roofing Contractors are one of the most sought after companies by builders and property developers to carry out all their roofing contract work.

( 5 ) Atlanta roofing provide an excellent emergency service, twenty four seven, so whenever a problem occurs with your roof, there is no need to despair, they are on hand to deal with it immediately.This list could go on, but now it is time to explain why it is vitally important to have your roof checked for leaks by the professionals at least once a year.

If you live in a house that has a hipped roof, which most people do, then there is every possibility that after a major storm, the ridge tile, this is the half round capping tile which covers the top tiles on the roof can slip away from its fixing, which in turn opens a slight or large gap between the ridge tile and the slate or roof tile. Either way, this is going to cause a lot of problems if it is not attended to urgently. Do not attempt to fix this yourself from inside your attic. Call in the roofing professionals straight away. This type of problem needs to be fixed from the outside in.

The ridge tile that has moved, or indeed any other tiles must be replaced with new tiles. The original tiles must not be used again simply because there could be hairline cracks which are not visible to the naked eye. Only a professional roofer would be aware of this.

The next stage of the repair is, once the old tiles are removed, the timber battens must be examined for water damage, if there is water damage these must also be replaced.Then you have the waterproof membrane to exam under the battens. Most likely this too would be damaged so it must be replaced.

And finally there is the insulation between the rafters. This must be considered for examination and replaced. All these steps must be taken to repair a damaged leaking roof, if they are not, then further trouble lies ahead.A six monthly or yearly survey by, Atlanta Roofing Contractors, can eliminate all these problems before they occur. Call them now and book in your survey, it could save you a lot of high financial expense in the near future.