The roofing trade is usually associated with many risks, and therefore many Atlanta roofing contractors or roofers face many risks each and every day at their job site. This is because there are severe injuries that can occur due to fall from roof or a ladder, this is majorly due to the heights that are involved and also the hot roofs that occasionally occur. Equipment or property damage, subcontractors and employees and the people near the job site might also get injured at work, therefore this risk needs to be covered. This is because the well-being of business and other assets are also dependent on roofers insurance. Therefore homeowners should see the need to protect themselves because in some cases, some roofing contractors do their operations illegally, this happens if they don’t have a license and an insurance cover with public liability and workers compensation insurance.

It is the effort of the homeowner to ensure that Atlanta roofing contractors have their insurance in place before giving them the roofing job. Roofing contractors may consider the following options in insurance covers depending on their nature of work, whether you hire staff or subcontractors, and whether you work all year round or you work for several months during the year, for example some workers only work for 8 or 9months in a year. Others may devote to work during the coldest months to remove snow on roofs and other jobs. These covers can be added to the policy (Business Owners Policy)or they can be purchased as stand-alone coverage.

· Tools and equipment: It can be added to property damage coverage. This insurance cover own specialized tools, leased specialized tools and roofing equipment. Cover for tools and contract works are important add on policies because of providing some peace of mind in the event the tools get stolen, damaged or lost.

· The Commercial vehicle insurance: This insurance covers all cars, vans, trucks, and other specialized trucks that are for business purposes

· Inland marine insurance: This makes sure that the tools and equipment being transported from one job site to another are insured.

· Work performance bonds: work performance Bonds, are usually not strict insurance policies. These bonds provide a work guarantee which may be required if the roofer is doing a municipal or commercial job.

· Employers liability insurance Another requirement by the law says that liability insurance is important to business or tradesman that is having employees, casual workers, temporary staff and hired contractors. Any cost that may be incurred by the employee because he or she was injured or he or she became seriously ill whilst at work, the policy will pay.

· Public liability insurance This is a big must and a recommendation for any roofing contractor. It covers you against the cost that result to injury or damage to a third party.

In a nutshell, roofing contractors must have an insurance cover under the various areas that relate to their field of work as mentioned above, and with this, the issues that could lead to a compromise in their ability to be in the job and earn money could be minimal.