Your roof is your primary protection from the elements. According to the National Centers for Environmental Information, Atlanta is the fourth wettest city in the United States. Water damage is insidious and can slowly build over time. If you’re a resident, Atlanta roofing companies Dr. Roof should be on speed dial.

Benefits of Good Roof Care

· Peace of mind: You should have your roof checked every 1-3years by a professional roofing company, even if there appears to be nothing wrong. A seal of approval from a professional will help you rest easy during the worst of storms.

· Prevent disaster from water damage: A routine roof check can reveal major issues that can cost a significant amount of money and even lead to personal injury and destruction of property.

· Appearances: They aren’t everything, but in this case, they are pragmatic. Debris accumulation on your roof can lead to leaks and mold. Bonus: your neighbors will be happy that your pristine roof is helping to drive up property values.

· Preventative maintenance: More money in your pocket, little or no unexpected disasters and a safe home for your family.

Preventative Steps

· Keep your roof clean: Remove debris from your gutters and roof. A few sticks and leaves may appear harmless, but they can actually build a dam, allowing water to pool up, and eventually make its way into your home.

· Look up: Check out those ceilings of yours on the upper floors of your home for anything out of the ordinary.


· How to clean your roof: There are a few ways that you can routinely clean your roof yourself to prevent bigger issues from occurring:

o By hand: Simply grab a ladder and get up there. Debris is usually small enough to collect by hand.

· Tip: Make cleanup easier by repurposing plastic bags and tying them to your belt so your hands are free. You can tie a larger drawstring bag to the top of the ladder so you don’t end up with a mess on your lawn.

o Leaf blower: A leaf blower is a faster option, but may lead to more clean up once you get back on the ground.

· How to tell you’re about to spring a leak from inside your house: If a ceiling on an upper floor appears discolored, sagging, or cracked, chances are a leak is on its way.

· Look for signs of damage on your roof: Some typical signs of imminent or existing damage are:

o Algae or mold growth, especially in hot, humid climates like Atlanta.

o Check your shingles. If they’re curling upward at the corners, you may be vulnerable to leaks. If they’re bowed outwards, this could mean they were improperly placed from the get go.

o Clean your gutters. If you find pieces of shingle it means your shingles are old and need replacing, or there may be other damage.

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