Atlanta roof installation is a hefty home improvement project, especially because of the high costs and the big decisions that have to be made. Many things must be taken into consideration when undertaking the installation– for example what material you want, what style, just to point out a few. Anyway, being well prepared will help you a lot during this hefty home improvement project.

While undertaking a complete roof installation may seem quite costly upfront, what you’re doing really is adding value to the home. This is because one of the main factors home buyers look at, is when the last roof maintenance was done as well as the current roof’s lifespan. A fresh, stylish roof is a great selling point.

That said, our experts at Atlanta roofing specialists came up with a few roof installation tips;

1. Maintain a good appearance. In planning the next roof installation project, ensure you consider the style and look of your roofing. This is especially because the average roof comprises 40 % of a home’s visible exterior, and you therefore want it looking great.

2. Sneak a peek. Try Inspecting your roof from a safe view point using a pair of binoculars. Look for curling, cracking and missing shingles. In case the roof is composed of asphalt shingles, ensure you look for any areas that lack granular covering. What’s more, you can also examine the roof from the inside. Within your attic space, use a flashlight to inspect for any water stains which are a helpful indicator of a roof leak.

3. Consider other alternatives. Does the appearance of redwood or cedar roofing entice you, though you worry about fire risks associated with such options? Check existing local codes for assistance, and you may then seek out fire resistant wood shingles, or synthetic and metal products that mimic the desired look. Such products can also match tile and slate roofs. Concrete or Real clay tiles often appear in mission-or Southwestern-style roofs. If you want such a look, ensure your home can adequately bear the extra weight.

4. Know your roofing services contractor. Ensure that your contractor is insured and licensed. Check your contractor’s online ratings (if applicable) and ensure that they have a permanent business location, tax ID and a working phone number. Though it may be tempting to opt for cheaper, less professional contractors, you may end up paying dearly for it in terms of quality and this could risk the liability of onsite accidents.

5. Request detailed proposals – get them in writing. We at Atlanta roofing specialists will give you detailed proposals in writing. Included in such proposals are the cost, types of materials used, scope of work, and the estimated timeline.

6. Know the code. 
Check the local municipal constructions department to know the number of times allowed recovering existing roofs with a layer of similar material. Some only allow 2 layers of roofing materials, and require that additional layers be torn off before installation of more roofing.

7. Do not forget about ventilation. Attic ventilation is very important to in ensuring that any roof lasts. A minimum of one square ft. of free vent area for every 150 square ft .of attic floor is the usual recommended value.

Getting into a roof installation project well prepared will make sure you get the job done right. For more information on roof remodeling, stay in touch with Atlanta roofing specialists.